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  1. Man that was crazy. Wind makes your house make some scary noises.
  2. It looks more and more like Eddie Jordan hit the nail on the head with McGee when we drafted him. He said something like the guy has tremendous fan appeal and will earn the fans love quickly, but the reality is he isn't even close to ready. Is it true McGee said he doesn't think he needs to get bigger? If this is true I am done with him.
  3. Sports by Brooks makes Cowherd look like an idiot. http://www.sportsbybrooks.com/cowherd-slams-out-of-control-wall-for-dancing-29203
  4. Whoever decided doing difficult math homework online was a good idea deserves a swift kick in the pants.
  5. If you don't have veetle, the 1st link on atdhe is about as good of quality as you will find.
  6. "Most important call of my career and I kicked the s$&t out of it. I cost that kid a perfect game." Joyce after the game.
  7. Yeah I do remember that. It was horrible. I used to own a 1991 world series documentary video(I was 3 in 1991) that I would watch a bunch of times. So that Gant call will always stand out to me. Oh and poor Tony Tarasco(Sp?) was gonna catch that. LOL.
  8. That was worse than when that dude pulled Ron Gant's leg off the base to get him out. Worst call I've ever seen.
  9. another perfect game going. Tigers pitcher on MLB network now. Perfect through 8. Armando Galarraga a former Nats prospect.
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