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Cooley Zone: Cooley Fishes with ESPN's Rachel Nichols for E:60


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+1 Its the way she says 'ESPN' because she says it as 'ESPooooon'

Erin Andrews alllll day long.

Every thing she says has to sound so dramatic, and she often seems to be tilting to her left side for some reason.

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That's not the picture I get when I search for Rachel Nichols... :rubeyes:

Apparently there's a model named Racel Nichols also. So I put in ESPN's Rachel Nichols, then proceeded to pick the weirdest/ugliest pic of her, just to help back my comment.


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Nichols is average at best. The way she speaks bugs me.

I disagree with the first part. Although I think she is average, I think that she is average at least. To me she looks like a queen of the nerds type, or a hot drama club chickie.

As for how she speaks.... OMG. I can not STAND it.

She has been WAY overcoached. Her diction and rhythm are COMPLETELY UNREAL. I don't believe anything she says, and frankly, it sounds like in her heart of hearts she doesn't either. I can just HEAR her TRYING. YUCK.

I just feel like saying, "Relax. Have a beer or five and let your hair down."

Wait, what were we talking about?

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Cooley being all over TV and Internet bug me.

You are a funny guy... kinda... but after the cow burning and those stupid mustard peanut butter and ham sandwiches, its time to take a time out from video appearances. Go learn how to block

I am with you dude...he is such an attention whore that's what he brings from opposing secondarys....they want to shut his ass down! I would like to see him more under the radar...

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haha... props to STBoncrusher for finding the worst possible picture. She is NOT that attractive at all.

That said, it will be interesting to see the segment.... hopefully christy will be out there with them... now that girl is incredibly hot

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