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  1. Grrrr....had $50 on Javale to win at +700. Also had no idea that it was 100% fan voting! Such a stupid idea...can't recall seeing this in the past. :mad:
  2. Damn....lost my connection at begeinning of round 4!! None of the 4 links working :mad:
  3. Watch the fights streaming live right now http://channelsurfing.net/ Towards the bottom. Click the link UFC 86 - Jackson vs. Griffin (IE ONLY) 10:00PM EST 7/5
  4. Where's Kellen? You know, those being soldiers... :doh:
  5. My fiancee (as of of 2 weeks ago) and I at a friends wedding back in May.
  6. Seems from the pic that you both blacked out :laugh:
  7. Pic of me and the g-friend up in NYC Pic of me at Madison Square Garden as Jordan hit the game winner for the Wiz vs the Knicks
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