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This is pretty simple, who is or was in the military. What Rank did you make it up to? What years did you serve? What branch did you serve? And what units were you in? What was your MOS?

I think i will put a poll up also for you to put what branch you were in, to see which one most ESers were in.

EDIT: MTH Has set the standard, you need to include a pic of yourself also. :silly:

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when I was in the Navy I made it to E-4.

I was AMS3

I started by going to boot camp in Orlando, I went to A school in Millington TN, went to C School in San Diego. I was stationed in Guam in VQ-5, rode on the USS Indy, USS Kitty Hawk and USS Constellation out of Yokusuka, Japan.

I then went to VFA-192 out of Atsugi, Japan for about 6 months before coming back to SD.

In real life I am known as Admiral Joe Kickass. And Ive earned that rank

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U.S.A.F.. 31st Training/Tactical Air Wing,Hospital Squadron,Homestead AFB,Fl. 1983-1987. 90250,Medical Services Specialist. Started as E-1 went to E-4,(Buck Sergeant when the Air Force had that).

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U.S. Navy 1987-2002 Rank E-4 - DP (Data Processing Technician)

Boot Camp: San Diego, CA

A-School: San Diego, CA

Damage Control Training: Norfolk, VA

Stationed onboard USS Orion AS-18

arrived while the ol' girl was in dry dock in Charleston, SC and floated her back to La Maddelena, Sardinia, Italy her home port. Re-upped until it was time to get out, absolutely loved it there!

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I served in Active Army for 4 years (2000-2004).

Started my boot camp at For Leonard Wood (Fort Lost in the Woods), Missouri. Then spent AIT at Goodfellow Airforce Base, San Angelo, Texas. I was at two permanent duty stations, Camp Humphrey's in Korea and Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

My MOS was a 98C and I made the rank of E-4. They hung the E-5 promotion in front of me if I reenlisted. Kind of like holding the carrot in front of the donkey, but I didn't bite and told my SFC **** you. From then on I knew I wasn't fit for a career in the Army or any military branch where they bribe you with promotions for re-enlistments.

I'm now a GS-12 with DHS and loving the civilian life :D

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