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  1. I ****ing hate you Shanny!!! You are a world class douche!!!!
  2. Abe might get replaced....That man will need a plastic surgeon! Recovery for that hole in his head might take weeks!
  3. Damn that was probably the worst cut I ever saw in MMA......
  4. Condit got it....looked suspect in the first round.....they man got some wind!
  5. Gina was getting pounded. The ref did the right thing....the ref jumped in right before the horn!
  6. Cyborg is gonna destroy her in a Fight Club-esque manner!!!! Lou's basement beating!!!!
  7. The fight on HBO is awesome!!!
  8. Good fight on right now!!!!!
  9. It belonged to my niece and the items were recovered. Found the TV at the pawn shop. The guy who stole it had the pawn ticket on him when he got arrested.
  10. OK...here it went. I was searching for a stolen car and Flat screen TV that was stolen the night before. From around 1:00 am until 3:30 am I was on a stakeout on Eastern Ave NE about 5 blocks from Southern Ave. I was out there just hoping that the stolen car would pass me because the person who took it was known to frequent that area. In midst of staking out on Eastern Ave I begin to realize that I was slam in the middle of a high traffic prostitution area. I was amazed to level of organization of this prostitution operation. I noticed the protective Pimp in a vehicle on the opposite corner a
  11. I say that...but before the bite Toledo was throwing a ****load of elbows with his hooks. The words I said before the bite was "This is a dirty fighter" than he pulled the Tyson on his neck.
  12. Damn I'm out the ****in loop on this! Thanks
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