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  1. I admit upfront I am writing this from my man cave which is painted in Burgundy and Gold. I have lots of Redskins stuff throughout it. Having written that, Snyder completely beat the Skins fandom out of me. No, not Vinny or Allen -- SNYDER he is the owner the later two lap dogs his puppets! He got rid of them. He also is still there pulling all the strings and taking zero accountability. I threw in the towel a few years ago and went back to my original sports happy place -- the NHL and have not looked back. Thankfully I am not a Sabres fan but I love this person's passion.
  2. This was a game the refs made sure the Redskins did not win. Damn near rip off Crowder's head right in front to the ****ing ref, knock Jackson out of the game, tackles and push downs out of bounds. These are not penalties, yet all the calls against the skins? Certainly not unbiased IMO. **** you refs and Goodell you are ruining this game you SOB's!!!!!
  3. Couple taken hostage kill murder suspect, jail escapee in Mississippi http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/11/us/mississippi-escaped-murder-suspect-killed-hostages/index.html Well if the gun control crowd had their way - only folks that have guns being the outlaws and cops this family would have probably been murdered. Thank god they had a gun and I thank them for their public service of taking out this criminal. It is not coincidence that the murder capitols of the US are the same cities with the most stringent gun control laws e.g Chicago. The bad guys don't seem to care about the laws. On
  4. Thoughts from others IRT is UFC the new WWF/E? I grew up with folks who swore that wrestling was real, their counter-argument to me was that I should get in the ring with them if I thought it was fake. I know these guys are superb athletes regardless whether or not the fights are scripted/predetermined, but continue to wonder. I could get into this sport if I actually believed the fights were not predetermined.
  5. **** THAT!!!! The logo is awesome and respectfull! I don't want a name change but would find it more offensive to change the logo then the name. The irony that ESPN, reruns a show that that calls out RG3 for not "being BLACK enough and down with the cause" whatever the **** that means, but yet goes on and on about our team being called the Redskins. Nor does Wilbon seem to have any issues with rappers making millions on the word ****** yet has plenty to say about the word Redskins.
  6. Me too, and Wilbon so high and mighty about how awful our beloved team's name is has no problem with the Blackhawks or their logo. I used to like PTI and to a very much lesser extent ATH, but this BS talk makes these shows unwatchable to me.
  7. Why not 1st concentrate on changing the name of the Nation’s Capital? It is named after a slave owner - does the DC council and congressman that have nothing better to do than bash the team name and logo endorse slavery? Obviously they must right - or this would be an issue for them???? Yes, I know that is a ridiculous statement to make but no more so to me, then for these jerks to state the Redskins name or logo is offensive to Native Americans as the polls show that 90% or more of them do not find the team name or logo objectionable - many are huge fans of the team and name/logo. A
  8. I hate political correctness! But for those who are making an issue of the team name where is their outrage for the name of the nation’s capital??? It is named after a slave owner, as is his monument and the Jefferson Memorial so why is the DC council not (yet) up in arms over that????
  9. Thanks Mark for yet another EXCELLENT and informative thread!
  10. Good info thanks keeastman! I am/was truly hoping this UFC is not a smarter/updated version of WWF/WWE. The former WWE guy made me think I was getting duped. Your comments are reassuring that it is a legit sport afterall. I thought it was legit going in, but some of the actions and antics of the fighters made me re-think otherwise last night.
  11. Looked realistic to me too but the guy "could have" been wearing a cup could he not? First PRO wrestling match I ever watched one of the wrestlers used his thumb to squish out one of the others eyeballs. Looked pretty real to me at the time. Those that followed the sport at the time thought it was the real deal. For the last time, I am not saying anything is rigged, scripted or pre-determind, just somewhat cynical that it "could be". For anyone to think that is impossible is naive IMO as history has shown from the beginning of boxing there were rigged fights.
  12. Alright guys thanks for the feedback. I got your message loud and clear you all think UFC is real fighting. And with a possible exception of one other poster you think the fights are not scripted or pre-determined. That was my question and you folks answered it thanks. I'm still cynical about it all after watching last night, but hope you guys are right.
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