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JLC: Skins Sign Chase Daniel, Maryland Lineman


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Posted at 9:13 PM ET, 04/26/2009

Skins Sign Chase Daniel, Maryland Lineman

The Skins signed undrafted quarterback Chase Daniel tonight, according to league sources. Daniel, who starred at Missouri, agreed to terms on a two-year deal and will participate in minicamp next weekend. The Redskins have also signed Maryland center/guard Edwin Williams and will announce a full list of free agent signings tomorrow.

Skins quarterback coach Chris Meidt began regularly contacting Daniel at the scouting combine and Coach Jim Zorn has also contacted Daniel by phone. Meidt repeatedly praised Daniel's passing and he will be one of four QBs in Skins' camp. Daniel's limited size, and the fact he operated in a spread offense that differs from most NFL systems worked against him in the draft, but he is a player the Skins were focusing on, according to sources.

New Orleans and Buffalo were also pursuing Daniel. With Jason Campbell, Todd Collins and Colt Brennan all under contract, the Skins have more passers than they will carry in the regular season. Brennan has earned high marks during his development and Zorn and executive VP Vinny Cerrato have repeatedly said Campbell will be the starter. Perhaps Brennan could unseat Collins for the backup role - the Skins considered signing free agent Byron Leftwich in that role a few weeks back. That would open up a space for Daniel; otherwise he would have to beat out Brennan, a 2008 draft pick, for the third QB spot.

The Skins gave Daniel a modest signing bonus as part of the deal, according to a league source.


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Dang I was just talking crap during the 6th round with some buddies about how it was funny he didn't get drafted cuz the guy seems like a serious prick. We were all in agreement. Now theyre all texting me letting me have it. O well, guess I gotta find a way to start liking the guy. Oh and I agree with the guy about Graham Harrell. He woulda been my pick for a backup QB. Awesome accuracy.

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i am starting to wonder about all these picks of MD players, is vinny too lazy to get out of the area :doh:

No just means that because we are in the area we have probably better scouting reports on the local guys. Stephon Heyer was an undrafted player from maryland and hes a potential starter this year.

And for those saying Collins roster spot is in doubt because of Daniel, thats not happening. You need 4 QBs in camp to spread all the reps around. And if he looks good he goes on the practice squad. It would take a near-impossible monster showing from him to make our 53 man roster.

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To me, Daniel seems like a pure WCO QB. Colt may have a new study partner in Zorn's school of QB mechanics.

--- . . ---


Positives: Gutty, competitive field general. A virtual coach on the field. Reads defenses well and checks down effectively. Good accuracy to all levels. Shows enough zip in the short to intermediate throws when given a deep pocket. Good touch to place the ball between the linebackers and safeties down the seams. More elusive than often given credit for. Can buy time in and out of the pocket and shows good accuracy on the move.

Negatives: May be too short for the NFL. Scouts believe his success in this system is greatly tied to throwing out of the shotgun -- and thereby the open passing lanes and middle underneath passes of the scheme. Seemed to provide further evidence of this theory with his struggles at the East-West Shrine game. Questionable arm strength. Has the zip to complete the short and intermediate passes, but has to wind-up for longer throws and due to his lack of height and release point, longer passes tend to sail.

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I've had the chance to watch Chase Daniel lose 4 games to OU (and display a thorough lack of class and leadership skills in the process). Let's just say his potential to succeed in the NFL rivals that of Colt Brennan .. and that's not a compliment.

Otherwise the udfa signings look decent so far.

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