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TSN: Redskins should not trade up for QB Sanchez


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Redskins should not trade up for QB Sanchez

ASHBURN, VA. -- Mark Sanchez will be nervous Saturday. Jason Campbell should be nervous as well.

Both quarterbacks will have plenty at stake during the NFL draft. Sanchez is a hot commodity, with at least six teams, including the Redskins, interested his services. If the Redskins trade up from No. 13 and select Sanchez, Campbell likely will be on his way out of Washington, like a politician voted out of office.

For the Jets (No. 17 pick), trading up to get Sanchez makes sense. For the Redskins, it does not. Campbell is only 27, he has improved every season and there is reason to believe that trend will continue. Sanchez left USC early and likely will need time to develop into an effective NFL starter.

With Campbell, the Redskins are in better position to win in the next year or two -- while defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and running back Clinton Portis still are in their prime.

Sanchez visited the Redskins last week and was wined and dined by the front office, leaving Campbell again to wonder where he stands. Coach Jim Zorn reaffirmed this week that Campbell is the starter but did not promise anything.

"With Jason, we are going full speed and he is every bit being handled as if he is our starting quarterback," Zorn said. "With the draft, we've got to get to know these players a little bit. If there are any opportunities to better our football team, we want to talk to those guys, too. Nothing is etched in stone."

That is why Campbell should be nervous. Especially since the Redskins already tried to get Jay Cutler before the Broncos traded him to the Bears.

It was hard to blame the Redskins for being interested in Cutler. He is an established NFL quarterback who is a more prolific passer than Campbell.

The Redskins' flirtation with Sanchez is different. There is no guarantee he will be a better quarterback than Campbell, and the Redskins have obvious needs at defensive end and linebacker. With the No. 13 pick, someone like Tennessee defensive end Robert Ayers or USC linebacker Brian Cushing could be available.

As Redskins general manager Vinny Cerrato said, "There will be a good football player at No. 13. There will be somebody that can come in and start for our team."

That is why the Redskins should forget about Sanchez and continue to help Campbell improve. If he stays in Washington, Campbell should benefit from having already spent a year in Zorn's system. Redskins owner Dan Snyder hired Zorn in part because of his offensive knowledge and his ability to work with quarterbacks.

Campbell has ability. Let Zorn try to maximize Campbell's potential.

Zorn obviously has a vested interest in Campbell's development. The better Campbell plays, the more likely Zorn is to keep his job. After watching the Redskins miss the playoffs last season, Snyder made Haynesworth the highest-paid defensive player in league history and re-signed cornerback DeAngelo Hall to a lucrative deal. Snyder expects dividends from those investments.

If the Redskins are struggling entering their bye in Week 8, it could mean bye-bye for Zorn.

Saturday's first round will be intriguing, with the Seahawks (No. 4), Browns (No. 5), Jaguars (No. 8), Broncos (Nos. 12 and 18), Redskins (No. 13) and Jets (No. 17) all thinking about Sanchez. It is unlikely Sanchez will fall out of the top 10, meaning the team that wants him might have to trade up boldly.

"I think there will be a lot of trading," Cerrato said. "What people are doing in this draft is they're kind of indentifying who they want, and then kind of going to get that person. Especially people coming up from the 20s and the teens to get what they are looking for."

Snyder said this week that he has learned to be patient during the draft. We will see Saturday. Trading for Sanchez is tempting, but sticking with Campbell makes more sense.

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Good article, succinct and persuasive. I'd much rather see JC behind Rabach's raised-up-butt this season than Sanchez, or Brennan, or Collins. I still believe that of all those options, Campbell gives us the best chance to win any given game.

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This is what I think happens Saturday:

Skins trade #13 and #80 picks to Jacksonville if Sanchez is still available at No. 8.

Skins trade Jason Campbell to the Jets or Seahawks for a 2nd round pick.

With newly acquired 2nd round pick, Skins select.....Lawrence Sidbury Jr., Clint Sintim, or Wiliam Beatty.

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One thing we ALL agree on, when 4:00pm is here Saturday this CRAP will all be over with. After the storm is over with most of us ESers can become one again and get on with our lives, come together and talk Redskins.

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