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  1. Is it normal unis against the eagles?
  2. taylorcoreskin

    **** the Cowboys

    Yup. ****---the---Cowboys.
  3. I hope not. They played like pansies in their pansy uniform.
  4. Now that's a dilemma... Which one are you leaning towards?
  5. How does Khary Campbell have the final say? Pretty stupid policy in my opinion.
  6. I can't believe they're still selling the Campbell jerseys with the J. The starting QB shouldn't have to have the first letter of his first name on the back of his jersey. :doh:
  7. Why does everyone want the authentic jerseys? They're so overpriced!
  8. taylorcoreskin

    Fun With Eli's Drunk Pic

    LOL, you couldn't let this thread die, could ya?
  9. My mistake. I thought we were talking about a permanent change in uniforms.
  10. not too shabby but I still don't see why our current unis need any changes.
  11. I can tolerate that. although I think we presently have the best uniforms in the NFL. *actually second best. I like the chargers' throwback powder blue color.
  12. you don't like our cool indian ones?
  13. I couldn't disagree more with you. I love the indian on our helmet. it gives our team flavor.
  14. noooooo! don't modify our cool redskin helmets! please!!