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  1. velocet

    Random Thought Thread

    I loves me some ES Tailgate but it's times like these I get conflicted. There's topics in the Stadium that are bummer inducing like those that address just missing the playoffs, Perry Fewell getting fired (I've been a fan of his work here... I just... I dunno) etc. Then I read around this forum and encounter topics of a far more dire nature in reality and the apprehension of a greater bummer makes stupid brain feel more stupider for even entertaining lesser bummer. I'm not mad at the board I'm mad at stupid brain because stupid.
  2. velocet

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    For some reason I'm getting an error message from foxsportsgo that I'm not subscribed even though I am and streaming has worked up till now. Ok I know it is against board rules to yell in a post but I feel I must: THANK YOU FS#21 YOU SAVED THE DAY!
  3. One episode of Peaky Blinders in and thanks for the heads up, Duckus.
  4. Right, because... which in turn answers the question... Must have been when examining tape before the Browns even signed him they were all "that arm tho'". Teams run vanilla plays during the preseason as we all know for reasons we understand but I think coach and coordinator wanted that awesome 49 yard pass against the Packers in the first preseason game on film for the benefit of this season's opponents. If there is any credible deep passing game it means defenses have that much more real estate to account for, and they hate when the O gets something behind them. This obviously benefits the running game when the opposition's D can't regularly commit more numbers in the box. If Rob, Pep and Hue can all get on the same page with each other about the system they run, Rob can get functional about reading blitzes and stay healthy I'd be tempted to say they have a shot to make some noise this season. I can't really try to say that until I learn more about their defense.
  5. Yeah, about that... it's been a while since watching RGIII play but doesn't he have a top quality throwing arm? Of the stretch-the-field variety? I'm thinking Hue Jackson and Pep Hamilton realize the pass-happy nature of the league, hence the 142 receivers and a cannon arm to get it to 'em are what they're going for. And a settled starter at QB means desperately needed reps are regularly apportioned properly. I say "desperately" because the team needs to build chemistry and they're way behind their division rivals in that regard.
  6. velocet

    Random Thought Thread

    I've heard soccer fans say that the sport just doesn't get the respect it deserves in this country. Well look at this screenshot of the Tailgate: As you can see the Random Thought Thread and the Election thread have 124k and 37k replies respectively, and the new board highlights those topics as "hot". The ES Soccer thread weighs in with a decent 24k posts but doesn't rate as "hot". And why? It DOES have "soccer" in the title, so... A conspiracy if I've ever seen one.
  7. Hue Jackson as the new head coach has a lot on his plate. He had to make this move. RGIII is still a name and at this point the benefit of doubt given him as a result of change of scenery is in play. He'll get people watching, which is kind of one of the goals of the league and its partners. Not much else to say about a rebuilding org. Coach Jackson may actually get something done in Cleveland. I didn't make a study of his one year stint as head coach of the Raiders but I did see a couple-few games and my eye-test impression was that his team had some more competitive fight and fire than comparable Raiders teams of that immediate era.
  8. Be as in the ontological state or we talking appearance here? I"m sure I was clear. And yes, school bus safety coloring detracts from that. But like I said, I'm not generally that pressed about the damn rags. I'm fine with most of the combos we've seen over the years. White and burgundy either in some jersey/pants ordering or all white or all burgundy. I'm fine with a lot. Including
  9. Never made a claim that the banana-fabulous pants directly translates to wins or losses.
  10. I hear you. Wasn't there a story last year where some players and even Mr. Snyder were looking for a break from the eyesore clown get-up and Allen was all "NO!" For the longest time I gave very little thought to the uniform. What I did consider was stuff like the fact that our team wore a white jersey at home, and because most opponents had home jerseys that were not white our team may have had some nice psychological continuity because they wore the same arrangement nearly every game. At least during Gibbs I. Frankly I'd rather not give sartorial matters more thought than that. But like you say Ronald McDonald owns Bruce Allen's "mind" and more to the point there is a "we're badass and we're gonna kick YOUR ass" element to the game of NFL football and who the **** is brutal and menacing in bright yellow pants? Extremeskins Rules + Moderator Discretion are of utmost importance and as such I'll just encapsulate anything I have to say further about Allen by way of characterizing it as just pure refined absolute invective, and not actually type it.
  11. I still have to get around to Peaky Blinders but thanks for a heads up on what I could follow up with. Netflix has a first month free deal and that flew by but frankly I've gotten my money's worth (one month charge so far) from Orange is the New Black and Trailer Park Boys. Eight bucks and two awesome binges. How much did Blockbuster et al use to charge for one movie for like two nights? You're right of course but TV is so much better these days. Say in the '80s and '90s I would have never sat around and watched as much as I have in the last few years. Right around the turn of the century, partly caused by and certainly coinciding with the Sopranos, TV offerings have gotten REAL good. There was a time when this video: was relevant. What is different is that now a good show will get you thinking. The medium is starting to realize a potential I never envisioned.
  12. velocet

    Random Thought Thread

    Aww damn Mr Sinister threw down post #123456 Drinks are on him!
  13. velocet

    Random Thought Thread

    I believe most of life is, I think you do as well. One of the biggest is keeping in mind one's blessings in the face of great tribulation or even small to medium crap that makes one whine. Went yesterday to get a Ford Explorer. The titanium version is what I wanted. Sales guy gives me the keys to an XLT they had near the building to drive over to the satellite lot where they keep the bulk of their stock. Thing rode like a dream. Tested what I came there for and there was a problem with it. A 2017 rig with like 3 miles on it and trouble. We get into another one to try, not the color I wanted but a Titanium and SAME problem! So we get back to the show room and sales guy is trying to talk me into looking at the other types like the sport and limited yadda yadda but I'm thinking I'll just have to settle for the XLT because of how it impressed me. It's not about the money I was ready for the titanium but then came the other problem that does involve money, the best thing he had to offer as an incentive is 0% financing. Well that's no damn help I'm going to write one check and that's it. I was all prepped for feeling kinda low about how things were turning out and then luckily it dawned on me that whining about stuff like this is a big karma-mojo no-no taking into consideration how some blessings in life have turned out and I better be nothing but major miles of smiles or cosmic beatdown is coming my way. (pardon the edit: it should say platinum where I wrote titanium. The Edge and Escape have the titanium versions and my pea-brain is swimming in the terminology)