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Burgundy Burner’s ES/RR Nascar Challenge – Las Vegas

Burgundy Burner

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Burgundy Burner’s ES/RR Nascar Challenge – Las Vegas

1. Each race, you will pick one driver. After the race, you will get the same points as that driver. If he/she wins, then you get a fifty (50) point bonus.

2. During the week, if your selection is penalized and has points taken away, you will have the same deduction too.

3. You can't pick the same driver the following week. You must pick a different driver. For example, if you choose Jeremy Mayfield, you can't pick him for the next race. However, you can choose to pick him for the third race.

4. Your choice for that week must be in before the green flag waves. Results will be posted early in the week and the game will be posted close to the same time. You can change/edit your choice as long as it is in before the race begins.

5. If you miss a race, then you will get no points for that week. If you are going to be away from the computer, be sure to call me and leave a message with your choice. PM me for the number. The only reason to call me is if you will be away from the computer. I do not accept PMs for your choice – you must post in the thread for that week.

6. The only races that count are points races.

7. A new thread for each race will be used and I will post the rules and regulations each week.

8. Two or more people can pick the same driver for that week, but you can’t have the same choice for the next week.

9. You can use your ES name or have a name for your team such as Burner’s Blue Blasters (mine) or Double H Motorsports (honorary_hog).

The entry should look like this example:

My name/Team name - Jeremy Mayfield

10. Have fun. Good luck. May the best prognosticator win.

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Dude, this is an awful pick for this week if you're picking him to win the race. No chance of that happening. This is a terrible track for Vickers. He could get a Top 10, sure. But, again, no shot at the win. Might want to rethink this one.;)

I am going to stick with him. On any given Sunday only about 8 drivers have a real shot at winning, Vickers is obviously is not one of the eight, but I wanted to do something different than just rotating the eight drivers from week to week.

I know I said Vickers, but TRD is messing up the engines, so I am changing my pick for this week to Edwards, but I will pick Vickers when TRD can make correct cams.

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