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WP-Redskins Insider: Sean Taylor To Enter The Ring of Honor


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The Redskins are announcing that the slain safety will be indicuted into the Ring on Nov. 30, when the Giants visit FedEx Field.

More details of the ceremony are to come. Sean was shot and killed last November, and remains in the hearts and minds of his coaches and teammates.


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I love this, but I thought he was already in there.

But I guess this will be a permanant stay then? I love that they are doing this.

Yea last year at the bills game they had his name up, is that still there or did they take it down? Anyways I think this is a fantastic idea. I still miss Sean and think that would really inspire the team to play the giants and maybe propel a big run through the playoffs. R.I.P # 21 I will never forget.
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