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  1. Was Dan paying the refs off to make calls against his own team? If he paid to help us, it never showed...
  2. The Redskins should never change their uniform. Unless they wear a throwback. After all there are 4 helmets to choose from. So we don't need any newfangled modern look. They should always stay classic. They just need to get rid of shinny pants and wear the flat burgundy pants of old. Shinny and glittery has no place in football.
  3. Burgundy on Burgundy looked great, but they will probably abandon it just like they abandoned the running game with Portis on Monday.
  4. As long as we win, but really let's not get to crazy in any uni changes only going retro is the way to go. We don't need to be changing any logos or anything like that. I would like all burgundy at home, or burgundy jerseys with gold pants, but keep it classy and old school.
  5. No, black pants is not a good idea. If we want to change, then we should wear gold pants like the Redskins are suppose to do... If there is change it should be retro, nothing black please, that would not be burgundy and gold. Thanks. I am down with darks at home with gold pants, and then the normal chamionship unis on the road. That would be fine. I would even be down with the old spear helmets at home. But, please keep the Indianhead and wardrum logo for the road, just like 2002. But, burgundy and gold at home would be sweet.
  6. I made sure to send a few of these to all the giants fans that work with me here in DC.
  7. No it would only be good with the normal white socks. Otherwise they will look like ballerinas in tights.
  8. No marshmellow uni's. Keep it Burgundy and Gold. I like the gold pants with the burg jersey from the 70's. Less change is better unless it's retro.
  9. I love that, and with the yellow helmets too. My Steelers buddy was horrified when I let him know they use to wear yellow helmets. But, back to us, I am excited about seeing our Lombardi "R" helmets in action.
  10. It's not, the president of the American Indian Association gave the picture to the Redskins in 1971 to use to represent them. It is an actually picture of a Blackfoot Indian Chief. They wanted it used instead of the "R".
  11. We have 4 good ones to choose from that are retro. I say only retro, but I like what we have with our modern day helmet, Indianhead on Wardrum helmet. I hate all the modern team logos that are arrowdynamic, they suck. IE, carolina, Jax, Atlanta (transformer falcon), denver, and so on. Keep it Classic...
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