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What's Your Political Age

Major Harris

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I've always been interested- I even volunteered to help out the Perot campaign my Sr. Year of HS. (but I did it mainly for extra credit in gov class :D )

So I'd say, maybe 16 or so

a part of me regrets not caring, but another part of me is glad i saved myself the grief. :whoknows:

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No lie, been paying very close attention since 1992

My parents don't care about politics. I just picked up on it by reading the Washington Post my dad would give me after he was done with it

In the 5th grade I argued for George Bush, and could actually make sensible arguments

Pimp'd the contract with America in 7th grade. In the summer of 8th grade and early 9th grade made phone calls for Bob Dole

Worked my ass for George Bush in 2000

So I'd say 16 years. Cried my eyes out in 1992 when Bush 1 lost

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My political age? Somewhere about 12.

I liked Dole in 96. Liked Bush in 00 when I was old enough to vote but didn't. Finally started voting in 02 (mainly against Dave Albo and his cronies at that point). Haven't looked back since. Voted in every election, even local, since 02. Most of my votes recently have been democrat, even though I don't consider myself one. I just started to hate Bush that much.

All that said, I got into politics at an early age. Took AP Government in high school, senior year.

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I was aware of Bush v Gore, but didn't really follow politics until Bush v Kerry. So 4 years.
18. I'm 19 now and this was my first election. So it was great. Being an African American teen, it feels great. I had a voice, did my research and voted. It felt awesome.
6 yrs old! I'll never forget at the age of 15 watching the Iraq war on television as our tanks and Marines went into war. Immediately I became interested in what our political process consisted of.

And thank you all for voting Obama. It's youths like us who are the deciding factor now. The political landscape will never be the same thanks to us.

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I guess my political age would be 28.

The first election I paid attention to was the 1980 election. Our 6th grade class held a mock election and I was Independent candidate John Anderson. My family has always followed the elections & candidates closely and since 1980 I have shown an interest and focused on each election.

My first opportunity to vote was the 1988 election and what a feeling that was. :cheers:

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