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Vote for portis!!!! FedEx Player of the week,(Merged)


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I can't believe Campbell's not on the list. There's no way CP wins it this week. No TDs, and thats what voters want to see. Thats how they measure success, no matter how stupid that is.

Well Jackson had only like 10 yards less then CP last week, but he had 3 touchdowns, and who won? CP. So i mean if everybody votes like 20 times, no dout he will win it again!!

So Just Vote, im pissed JC didn't make it tho, i mean what more do you have to do.

Drew Brees gets 300 yards a game, because they never run the ball, doesn't people see that?

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So I thought JC had some pretty good numbers last week, at least to be in contention for the Air player of the week, I guess not?

One touchdown against the leagues 2nd worst defense?..not that impressive when you put it next to Brees and Shcaubs...And you could argue that Penningtons is better because they actually played a decent defense.

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I wasn't watching the game, but I did see a recap of the Eagles-Falcons game. Westbrook's second TD was a gift on a horrible call by the officials. Scratch that and he's about on par with the performance of the others.

And of course, CP gets the nod just for being CP ;).

I voted Brees for Air.

...and CP netted more then half of his yards on 3 carries...just being realistic here...

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