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  1. WeThreeKingsRuleU

    Rich Tandler has died

    Shocked and deeply saddened when I heard the news. R.I.P. Rich, my thoughts and prayers are with his family. I'll be saving him a seat, this Sunday, anyone who goes to the game should bring a sign that says "Win for Rich" or something to that effect
  2. WeThreeKingsRuleU

    Redskins vs cowboys for First Place in The NFC East

    I have visions of that munchkin Cole Beasley running wide open 15-20 yards down field on crossing patterns on 3rd and 10+, it's going to happen, all day, and cause me to have an aneurysm
  3. WeThreeKingsRuleU


    So now that the game is over and everyone is (hopefully) recovering from victory Monday, how did your requests/predictions do? A few things I saw: -Obviously with CT and Crowder out we didn't get to see any "designed" screens, as opposed to dumpoffs, but this may have worked out in our favor, almost forcing Jay to call more downfield throws -I did see Alex targeting the hashes on several of his throws, the TD to Vernon Davis coming to mind -On the heels of that observation, I did see Jay calling more multiple TE sets, thanks Jay -glad Richardson got to go, he was playing hurt, still is, but made a big difference -When they brought extra rushers on defense (DJ, Mason) good things happened, was this due to an increase in blitzes called? or where they actually just getting home this time? -Oline pass pro still looks like it needs some work, and I didn't see as many bootlegs as we had hoped Any one else?
  4. WeThreeKingsRuleU

    The Conspiracy Thread

    I don't think that any one person or super in-crowd is solely responsible for attempting to fix a game, I think a few things can be true at once: -NFL execs would like to see certain teams do well, for the star power, encourage ref's to give them all the calls -NFL execs would like Brees to break the record on Monday night in primetime, and before half time, encourage refs to give Brees all the calls in the 1st half -an NFL ref needs a little extra money for his kids surgery, is on the take from a lone shark It's all plausible, and I have certainly heard worse. Also, I believe that animosity in the owners groups may contribute to certain teams getting the shaft in a revenue sharing organization. Once it gets to the level of Billionaires, money is less important and pride becomes involved. Personally I think the Mara's are among the most corrupt people in the organization, and I don't think it was a coincidence that the Skins and the Cowboys both got screwed by penalties during the uncapped year debacle, because there was obvious collusion and Mara, who is head of the competition committee, took it as a personal slight. The degree to which we were penalized as well, even though I see our actions as perfectly legitimate in an uncapped year (hence the need for a cap), reeks of petty vengeance.
  5. WeThreeKingsRuleU


    Thread theme - A lot of talk recently has been around what could be done differently (obviously following a loss this is 90% of discussion) so I'd like to get into specifics. What are some of the biggest changes you would like to see made (talking X's and O's here, don't say FIRE DAN FIRE BRUCE FIRE JAY) and what should we be looking for in the Panthers game to see if changes have indeed been made. I'll start: Offense: If someone with more football knowledge than me can let me know, what are the fundamental differences between the KC offense last year and Jay's offense this year? Aside from having better playmakers, I'm wondering why our similar playmakers (J Reed, Crowder, CT) haven't been more involved, or even the focal point of the offense this year. That being said, changes I would like to see going forward: -fewer 3 WR sets (especially on critical downs) this doesn't seem to take advantage of our existing personnel -more passes over the middle - is it by design that most passes seem to target the sideline? or does Alex have an aversion to passing between the hashes? -get rid of the jet sweep - I have yet to see them actually hand it off to the receiver in motion, but whenever I see it I find myself shouting at the tv "why?! WHY?!" it feels like a waste -more timely screens - opponent defenses, even the statistically worse ones, have been able to sniff out our screen passes with ease, why is that? -extra pass protection - for whatever reason (and tell me if I'm missing it) I haven't seen Jay keep someone in pass protection all that often, even on obvious passing downs, what is the reasoning behind this? a rb, or a TE to chip? something? Defense: -extra rushers - keeping with the theme of bringing extra personnel, I know it's a risk and opens holes, but can we/should we see an increase in the amount of rushers brought on particular plays? obvious passing downs and run blitzes? sending four every time hasn't been working out all that well -less free lancing - this has been covered a lot in the press that the blown coverages has been due to DB's free lancing trying to make a play, it's an obvious fix, but something to look out for, so we can see if they are actually being coached up Anything else? Special teams: -Nick sundberg false starts - what is wrong with ol' Nick? seems like he has had a false start in almost every game so far -return yards - what can be done to improve this? I think we may actually be last in the league in this statistical category That's all I have. Like I said, this thread is a place to point out the changes you would like to see being made, and what to look for in the game to see if they actually have been made. I think it will lead to interesting X's and O's discussion.
  6. WeThreeKingsRuleU

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    I wonder if there is still time for a career defining, life changing moment for Jay, where his back is against the wall and he finally makes the decision, or finds the cajones, or is literally forced, to change his coaching ways of calling plays scared (either trying to nurture a lead or panicking and ****ting the bed) and he realizes what he has to do to turn that corner and comes out a better coach, is there still time for that? I hope so.
  7. WeThreeKingsRuleU

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    After the interception, I swear I saw Jay yell at Alex "get to the bench" several times. One time may have been questionable, but I saw it several times. Now that may have just meant, go look at the tablet and get ready to go out again, I don't want to talk to you right now, but it also could have been a Freudian slip, who knows. I also heard on a 1-on-1 interview with JP Finlay that had they gotten the ball back with 6 minutes to play, Jay admitted he would have put Colt in, but to prevent injury, was his line. Why did McVay have to be so good, so fast? I wish he would have stayed on until it was time to load up Jay on the ice floe and send him out to pasture, timing has really sucked for this organization
  8. WeThreeKingsRuleU

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Saints

    Jon Allen? How's this for a little wishful thinking...if we HAD to ship a CB to KC for Alex Smith, what if it were Norman instead of Fuller...*sigh* a guy can dream
  9. WeThreeKingsRuleU

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Packers

    rewatch this vid but instead of focusing on Kerrigan focus on P. Smith, guy looked like hot doo-doo, completely useless in coverage, could not get passed the LT at all, could have shown more hustle as well my conspiracy theory on the 15 yards we gave back is that they were both make-up calls, so that the refs could later point at the results and say: "see? we didn't affect the outcome of the game THAT much ?"
  10. WeThreeKingsRuleU

    **** the Cowboys

    Anybody watching the Tennessee/Dallas preseason game? Do these analyst/game callers even listen to themselves talk? "This half has been utterly DOMINATED by the Cowboys...aaaaaand the Titans are one score away from going into halftime with a 3 point lead..." P.S. how many personal fouls are the Boy's gonna rack up tonight? Woops, spoke too soon...10-7 Titans