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Why don't we each name someone, opposite of our views politically, that we respect.

In reading these threads, it's hard to believe sometime that we probably have a lot in common. We are all Redskin fans and want what is best for the country, we just have different opinions on who is the best suited for the job.

I know personally that if the person I disagree with an argue with the most on this board was in some sort of trouble, i'd help them, and I know i'm not alone in that. When comes right down to it, we may disagree a lot but we are all in this together.

So to start this off, I submit John McCain.

I couldn't imagine going through what he went through during the war, hell I couldn't imagine even being in a war, let alone being a prisoner of war.

In 2000 I wanted him so badly to be the Republican nominee, because at the time I would have had no problem with him being president, I wouldn't have voted for him, but I still had a great deal of respect for him.

When his political career is over I hope he writes a book and talks about the election of 2008. I don't think this election should define McCain, I think he has had to compromise some of his views in order to conform to his party in an effort to satisfy the base and win the election.


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Barack Obama. I may not agree with anything the man has to say, but I sure do respect him. I can't imagine what he has to deal with on a daily basis being the first black presidential nominee for a major political party. Not to mention, knowing that there is a very good chance that someone has a bullet with my name one it and today may very well be my last day on this earth. I wouldn't know how to deal with looking out into the crowd every single time I take the stage knowing that one of these people may be crazy enough to take a shot at me.

He is one brave man and I respect the hell outta him for it.

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Lou Dobbs. While I like his populist view less than my own conservative libertarian brand, I greatly respect the man. sometimes I've heard in real life he can be quite an ass, but I've never seen that confirmed.

I also greatly respect Truman as a president.

Bush Sr. I also respect quite a bit.

Clinton sort of has my respect, not as much as the people above.


the blue dog democrats

mark warner

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Mike Huckabee.

I disagree with Huckabee on nearly every single political, social, and religious issue. But I respect him and genuinely think he's a really good guy with good intentions.

Exactly. I thought it was just me. I have no reason at all to like Huckabee politically, but the more I see him I can't help but to think he's a really nice guy. I really think he's sincere about everything he says and I find him to be a very reasonable, intelligent person. I'm buying his whole persona hook, line and sinker and I'm really trying to be more cynical about him. Then, he picked up a bass guitar and I think that did it for me.

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