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Asinine ExtremeSkins Posts, Vol. 1


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Over the past week I've been taking note of some particularly mindless posts throughout this domain. I thought it might be fun to gather the most vacuous posts every week, and put them up for review. Normally I'd post them on Saturday Night for some entertainment before the game, but I was busy last night.

And remember, all these game after a win. I can't imagine what we'll find after a loss.

Oh wait, yes I can.

In reference to Champ Bailey:

Personally i dont think hes that good anymore, he was starting to get burnt a lot right before he left here back in the day. How can he "incredible" if they dont throw towards him? If i were teams playing him i would test him much more than they do now. My

How can a CB be incredible if they don't throw towards him!? That's how you know he is incredible. Champ Bailey consistently shuts down an entire half of the season. The man has been thrown at 13 times this year. There's a reason for it.

In reference to Malcolm Kelly:


He is done if you ask me.. Guess well have to wait a season or just call it a wasted pick..

Even if Malcolm Kelly ends up on the IR, that doesn't make it a wasted pick by any means. Did we draft Malcolm Kelly for immediate production? Possibly, possibly not. Everyone with half a brain knows that WR is the position with the choppiest transition from College to the NFL. We don't even know Kelly's talents yet. You can't blame a man for being injured.

Two words for you and anyone who shares this sentiment: Robert Meachem.

I usually ask anyone who says they're a fan of a team to name me atleast 20 players, if they're a fan they should know that.

Everytime someone tells you what team they like, you ask them to name 20 players from that team? Why? What's wrong with you that you can't accept the fact that they root for a certain pairing of colors or a location? You must truly have a hierarchical mind if you need people to prove their fandom to you time and time again.

It might be cool to root for a team as a unit, and not worry about individuals. If someone can't name 20 individuals, they're sure as hell rooting for their team as an entity, and that's damn cool with me.

We can't take anyone lightly, it's the NFL. Where it can be a play away from being 6-2 to 5-3. We can't listen to the critics and just support our team and believe they will play their hearts out, week in and week out.

We can't listen to the critics? We can't think our team will play their hearts out? Why would you be a fan if you don't believe they're gonna play their hearts out? I'd like to possibly chalk this one up to a grammatical mistake...but with the knee-jerks on this board you just never know. :)

seriously, scared? lions? what? I would love to have CJ though, and I thinks it's awful that players like him, darren mcfadden, chris long, etc have to waste their careers playing for garbage teams. I would love to have CJ on our team, that man is a MONSTER

This one really got to me. You think it's awful that great players get drafted by bad teams? It happens that way for a reason, brosef. The NFL is designed to try to help terrible teams turn it around. If and when guys like Calvin Johnson and Darren McFadden can help their otherwise terrible team win it tells a lot more about their level of talent. Picks that are that high act as centerpieces for the teams to build around. The draft is designed perfectly in this matter. It's generally terrible management or talent evaluation that leads to the high pick in the first place.

I say we play our starters for 1 quarter, get a big lead, then win the rest of our game with our back ups... go into monday night healthy... i know im dreaming, but how awsome would that be?

Well this is just self explanatory.

That's it for this week, as I just recently got the idea and didn't have time to comb through all of ES. If anyone finds anything they find to be particularly asinine or inane, PM it to me and maybe you'll find it in next weeks installment.

Also, nothing in here is meant to be a personal attack by any means. It's all in jest. I didn't even look at the posters when choosing these snippets; I just snagged the text that jumped out.

Hope you enjoy, and Go Skins!

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I'm making a thread next week, Asinine ExtremeSkins Threads, Vol. 1.

This is retarded.

Also, way to create a call-out thread when there was no need for one. We don't care what you deem as "asinine".



Feeling superior much?
Here's my contribution :thumbsup:



No, but seriously. This wasn't needed man. The amount of time it took you to post these quotes wasn't worth it. Sorry if I was a little harsh but you've earned it.

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I didn't think you were allowed to make a thread just to call a bunch of people idiots. Since I'm wrong, I will now resume enjoying it.

Since you didn't think, go brush up on the rules before posting again. :)

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None of those posts are that bad, they just have opinions different than yours. I don't think this was necessary at all.

Go re-read rule #17, I don't think we need to have a thread dedicated to making fun of anyone who might have an unpopular opinion.


Go re-read it yourself. It doesn't mean what you think it means.

Honestly, I'm not even trying to be a jack ass.

How does this not qualify as a call-out thread? I honestly don't know how it doesn't so I am just curious. Thanks.


See above.:)

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For those of you just tuning in, while I understand the confusion from time to time, Rule 17 doesn't forbid you from calling out people for things they say here about the team and such. Sometimes that extra stuff behind the title gets a bit lost, but do read it again. This, for better or for worse, is okay to do.

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They're going to think you're "grumpy", too. :silly:

When I have to go back & point out to people that think they know the rules better then those that wrote & enforce them, that makes me grumpy. Especially when if you read the rule they're citing it is obvious that they don't have a clue as to what they are talking about.

ES was founded on many things. Conflict being one of them. If you want to go hold hands, make Smores at the camp fire & sing Kumbaya, then this probably isn't the best place for you.

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Go re-read it yourself. It doesn't mean what you think it means.

See above.:)

Thanks teach. Jeez, I feel like I'm back in High School again...

Would simply stating the rules be too difficult? I thought I was being polite in how I asked. Theres no need to tell us to go read the rules again, I can gurantee you that AT LEAST 80% of the posters here haven't read ALL of the rules.

When you go buy something do you read all the directions before you use it?

Didn't think so. :rolleyes:

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