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Chad Johnson taking it to Meshawn


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I really don't understand you guys ripping on Keyshawn for this interview.

First of all, they are cousins. They talk like this off camera all the time. They are very close.

Second, in this era of fluff interviews and puff-pieces, it's nice to watch an interview done by a journalist with a sack who is not worried about kissing agent-ass so that they can have exclusive rights on the next interview.

Now I don't agree with Keyshaun's position necessarily, but it was a GREAT interview.

I suppose you guys would have preferred a Rich Eisen interview? :rolleyes:


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I'd sell my soul for that to happen. No joke.

He would be a monster in this offense. I just don't think we could afford him though, but man that would be awesome.

Moss + Johnson + Randle El... with JC by that time an established NFL QB... I would pity da fools.


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I was wondering about that. It was a legit question too. Because if he was an FA then the Eagles need to TAP THAT ASS!

Johnson wants to win. Doesn't make sense to go to a rebuilding team.

He'll probably end up somehow in New England.

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Chad will be coming to DC next year.


I would be absolutely ecstatic if we got him here. The man is in the prime of his career, easily a top 5 WR in this league. With him on our team, alot of our offensive problems would be solved. All we'd need would be alittle more youth injected into the offensive line, and we'd be a championship caliber team easily.

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