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  1. Got this from my Brother-In-Law a couple of years ago.
  2. This is the same thing people have said for many years. You would think the team would pick up on this.
  3. Saw this interview with the son of the man that came up with the Redskins logo in 1971 https://www.13newsnow.com/article/news/washington-redskins-name-change-bittersweet-for-family-of-logo-creator/65-bf85b9b8-fa48-48dc-a3d2-3f03326cc338?fbclid=IwAR1j7O7f4FfEclm5KVZYhKl0jzjQ2uqKj-w4AnHFX9F9-UkZZJfSjxnJwDk
  4. Can't have the name changed to honor Jefferson. He was a slave owner, dontcha know? Don't care what they change it to. They will always be the Redskins to me. Almost 50 years a fan, too old to learn a new name. And screw Fed Ex and Nike and any other sponsor that blackmailed the team into changing.
  5. How long until the beat reporters report this?
  6. Well, you could have Axl Rose sing with GnR and AC/DC. That would kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
  7. Funny reading Goodell touting all the things about the city, when only a few years ago he hated Las Vegas and said we would never have a team here. T-Mobile would make the most sense, as it is the largest venue in town. All I know is traffic will suck getting to and from work for me.
  8. Bo Jackson basically did this too, with the Buccaneers, after they screwed up his college baseball eligibility.
  9. YAY! I get to watch it on tv this week instead of a stream
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