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  1. redsand521

    **** the Cowboys

    Whoops, I forgot: **** the cowboys.
  2. redsand521

    **** the Cowboys

    Dude, Emmitt Smith just said "blowed up". :doh:
  3. I really liked those uniforms... but I definitely prefer seeing them play in the regular ones.
  4. redsand521

    **** the Cowboys

    I just got reading the BigD's Dallas thread. **** the Cowboys!
  5. redsand521

    **** the Cowboys

    Holy crap, this thread is stickied! :laugh:
  6. Damn I love that jersey! But those things are pretty pricey. Oh well I guess I'll stick to those "authentic" jerseys from ebay!
  7. redsand521

    **** the Cowboys

    What tomfoolery is this?