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Some players do not like 75th Anniversary Jerseys


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i really like the throwbacks....i just wish we would wear the burgundy jersey with the gold pants.

Agree with this. The burgundy jerseys with the gold pants would be a nice combo. Don't know if they plan on wearing them for any road games...

I think you are under emphasizing the effect that Vince had on the Redskins franchise psyche. We had been a losing franchise for so long but Lombardi brought a winning attitude and showed everybody what it took to be a winner. I agree he shouldn't mentioned first when talking about great Redskin coaches but he definitely had a profound effect on the Skins organization. Ask Sonny Jurgensen about Vince.

Good post ouvan59. Sonny absolutely loved Lombardi the short time he was here, and hearing him talk about it, one of his life's regrets is that with Lombardi's death, he was unable to play for him longer.

Before Lombardi's one year as coach in 1969, the Redskins hadn't had a winning season since 1955.

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...Some players didn't like the White on Whites in 05 either...

...and Gibbs didn't care, because he wanted to appease Portis. He even allowed Portis and Smoot to wear those socks with 352 stripes on them which they got fined $$$ for.

The players don't like the throwbacks because they look like Radio Shack. There's a reason the Skins only wore those things for 2 seasons.

Maybe if they wore the BURGUNDY jersey with that uniform like they're supposed to, this wouldn't be an issue...the Skins wore burgundy jerseys at home during that time anyway, and even in 1994 they wore burgundy at home with their throwbacks.

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I like the look of these throwbacks, the 70th ann. ones looked too much like Florida State. Has anyone seen the Eagles Throwbacks? They are blue and yellow. They look hideous.

FSU ripped off the Redskins. The Redskins introduced the spear helmet in 1965 and kept it through 1969. I don't know when FSU got theirs, but it was considerably later.

Skins should go back to that uni with the darker burgundy and gold...sweet.

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I was watching Comcast SportsNite and it seems like some of the Redskin Players do not like the 75th Anniversary Jerseys.

The did not seem to fond of the Canary Yellow Helmets. They did make jokes about how Smoot would like the yellow.

Well they'll have to deal with it, because us fans love it!!! ;)

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I think the gold pants will be the issue. We'll see how they look but I think that pants will be the problem. I just hope the uniforms aren't too much of a distraction and the guys get the job done. Thank god we're only doing this for one game because players do care about what they wear on game day. It similar to wearing your favorite suit that you know you look very good in. It gives you even more confidence and because you know you look good and in football, it becomes one less thing to worry about when you know you look good. Have noticed the number of teams that have switched to black shoes, black braces and/or black socks. A lot of guys like the black shoes and you notice a lot of teams and players have switched to them in including the Redskins. I guess white shoes is old school now.

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