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  1. The_cavalierman

    **** the Cowboys

    Patton would sue you..but he would be proud of anyone sticking to those wussy cryboys.
  2. Te Skins need an all burgundy uniform with gold numbers similar to the Ravens all black uniforms. The burgundy helment with the arrow would be the perfect compliment
  3. The_cavalierman

    Random Thought Thread

    The main chick in the movie stealth is crazy hot.
  4. The_cavalierman

    Random Thought Thread

    I want some ice cream
  5. The_cavalierman

    **** the Cowboys

    Way to go Cryboy fans!!!!! :finger: Way to ****-up a 13-3 record and homefield :finger: So the Redskins have won 2 playoff games in the past 5 years and the Cryboys have not won any in the last 12 :stfu: So phoney-Gromo had a great season and folded like a cheap tent during a hurricane (again) in the playoffs :stfu: Love it when your season ends and you crybaby fans are crying like sissies!
  6. The_cavalierman

    DIY Home Improvement Thread..

    I wish I had that shower curtain while in school....That would have helped me a lot.
  7. The_cavalierman

    **** the Cowboys

    Dear Cowgirls, May the force betray you when you need it most (kinda like that Seattle game). Sincerely, Darth ****ing Vader Redskins Fan