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Some players do not like 75th Anniversary Jerseys


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I hate the yellow helmets.

I thought the Yellow "R" helmets were dull, and we only wore them for two years.

It was Lombardi trying to turn us into the Packers.

BTW< I also hate when they wax philosophically about the great Redskins coaches, and Lombardi's name pops up,, he's a great coach, but come on, he coached here ONE year.

May as well count Jack Pardee up there. He at least won coach of the year here.

Channel 9 had a promo all during preseason they kept running, "the great coaches.." and Lombardi came up first... look, all that shows me is whoever your video editor is at channel 9 doesn't have a clue, and he looked in a history book and saw the name.

ONE year here. NOT part of our tradition and history.


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