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75 Years of Redskins Football...Time change: Comcast 8:30 EST.


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A buddy of mine at the team -- a guy who's been captured in the blogs from time to time -- sent me a preview copy of a program that is set to air on Comcast SportsNet on Monday at 8:30 p.m. and on WUSA Channel Nine, Saturday, July 28 at 7 p.m.

The show is called "75 Years of Redskins Football: Built on Tradition" or, simply "My Great DVD" as the guy dubbed the copy he sent. He's right :).

It's a real nice hour (I have a commercial free copy) walking through the various stages of our history with a ton of interviews. Gary Clark wearing the shades and bragging. Jacoby, Portis, Byner, Houston, Riggins, Rypien and at least a dozen more guys from various eras.

Bernie Shaw does the narrating.

I'll be in Michigan when this airs, so someone else will have to remember to bump this, but, it's well worth setting your recorders. It's got some old content and some new. Pretty sweet.

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75 years of history in an hour? Or is that a TV-hour, equating to roughly 46 minutes?

That's not even a minute per year... of course, I'll take any Redskins media I can get at this point in the offseason

I have an hour commercial free.

And, they didn't spend any minutes on many years that sucked. Last year we got just the field goal block and win against the Cowboys :). Wise :).

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So it's going to be 15 minutes on the George Allen years, 40 minutes on the Gibbs years, and then 5 minutes on Gibbs 2.0?

Sounds about right.

No, it should be about 10 min on Flaherty/Baugh era, 5 min on Sonny/Lombardi's one year, 15 min on George Allen and the final 30 on Gibbs Era 1.

Everything post 1992 (yes including the so far disappointing Gibbs 2) should be barely mentioned.


By the way, thanks for the "heads up" Art. Looking forward to it.

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