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  1. I really wouldnt mind all burgundy for once, just to see how it looked. I like the gold pants and white jerseys for home. The Chargers have like 3 uniforms, i wouldnt mind us doing something similar.
  2. **** the cowboys **** the cowboys **** em. Lolz epic fail in there own stadium.
  3. "Daddy, i had a bad dream!" "What was it son?" "The cowboys won the superbowl!" "Its only a dream son, remember what your dad taught you, the cowboys are a bunch of choke artists. They cant win playoff games with a first round bye in their own house. **** the cowboys son, **** em."
  4. 2-0 here we go!!! **** the cowboys they are NOT gettting the division. We have waited to long the NFC east is ours **** the boys **** em
  5. 4 hours and some change to go.... i hope we give the ravens a run for their money. Almost forgot...... **** THE COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Today i tapped some random guy on the shoulder while i was in line at the store. I whispered in his ear "**** the cowboys". He smiled and gave me a thumbs up. See, just using this timeless expression in your everyday life can brighten your and someone elses day. Oh yeah its my 300th post i think. that deserves another **** the cowboys
  7. August 14th, Tuesday. A new day where the only constants are death, taxes, and the cowboys sucking big fat ****.
  8. Game starts in an hour! Oh yeah **** the cowboys
  9. What day is it? Tuesday August 07. Oh yeah its also **** the Cowboys day, like yesterday and just like tommorow.
  10. Ah what the hell might as well get mine in **** the goddamn cowboys
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