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Vick News For You Guys


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You guys are going to love me for this scoop!!

I have to let the world know what I've learned from a reliable source. Everytime I go to my own teams message board my posts are mysteriously deleted :mad: but I can't contain myself I feel so important for knowing this,I know by now you know my wonderful qb is hooked up with Miss Tila Nguyen AKA Tila Tequila.Can you say hot?




Now for the real news, can anybody guess what part of her body,she had the #7 tatted for his birthday????????????

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well I care , he;s my qb and I want him to bang these chicks right,

That's not creepy at all. You got a camera set up outside of his window too? And don't even lie you know that **** is focused on Vick and his, well, you know. Sick man. Just sick.

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