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  1. i agree if we are gonna play dressup with barbies lets go burgundy on burgundy
  2. Wow I drank a lot that year! Nice uni's.. I'd like to have one of those jerseys
  3. 94 was my last year in the military, I was going through a divorce so I drank a lot... But I don't remember this....... Special Uniform Colors 1994: Burgundy, Gold, White (NFL 75th Anniversary Uniforms - 1937 Washington Redskins) http://www.ssur.org/research/TeamColors/Football_Outdoor/NationalFootballLeague/NationalFootballLeague.htm Help please....
  4. It's a Tuesday that feels like a monday! **** the Cowgirls
  5. it's saturday!!!!! you know what that is!!!!!!!!! it's screw dallas day!!!!
  6. **** ****** **** *** ****** ** cowgirls. they*** *** ***** *** ** *** **** ****** ** and you can take that to the bank
  7. Speaking of a Short Bus.. I hear the cowgirls ride in a caravan of short bus's to away games.. I'm just sayin
  8. dallas sizucks just to keep it alive
  9. Someone care to enlarge this and put jerry jones's face in it
  10. I agree... I don't care for the 70th unis.. They remind me of the seminoles
  11. I hate Dallas so much that I would not even date one of their Cheerleaders unless they went on national television saying Jerry Jones is a satanic high priest, and that Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Emmit Smith, Tony Dorsett and Michael Irvin all take part in Satanic rituals involving animal sacrifices and gay orgies.
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