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  1. OK guys, it's been cool discussing. Thanks for allowing. Headed home so maybe I can stop back by tomorrow. Take care folks, have a good evening.
  2. But apparently you are. You post a link that supports a version of history saying all of these meetings took place but you refuse to acknowledge that the bill was rewritten the night before the vote and that less then a full 24 hours was given to review it. Honestly, are you really trying to have an honest discussion here? If you were, then you would not even be bringing this up because you know that Obamacare was passed with no support from the GOP. None, it was all done through Democratic Majority so what difference does having meetings really make? It was never going to mat
  3. The reason we are where we are is because each sides views themselves as the hero's in their own stories. The truth is that there was never any truth to the statement that the Right never had meetings on healthcare issues. In fact, there have been several over the years. That, fundamentally, is dishonest. How can you start from a point in which the first statement is intellectually dishonest and expect to solve anything? For the record, all of those meetings were not open to the GOP and even if they were, that Bill changed 12th hour. Folks had something like 12 hours to read
  4. The ACA, which is what we are talking about here, requires you to have insurance. It does nothing, at all, to guarantee you healthcare. I will tell you this, I do agree with the first part of your statement. I have insurance and it definitely doesn't provide me with the ability to receive healthcare. I agree with that.
  5. Once again, we are confusing healthcare with insurance but thats fine. Let me try and point out, at least one difference. Education is k thru 12. Healthcare is cradle to grave. That is at least one difference.
  6. I think your confused, or more to the point, I think you would love to paint me into a corner so that it would be easier for you but deep down, you gotta know that aint gonna happen right? The reality of this is that I did not choose to send my kids to public school, the law demanded that I do so. I mean, yeah, I could have sent them all to private school and I did send those who wanted to go to private school but the law says I have to send them to school or home school them, so I sent them. Remember, it was the Obama administration who supported sending children to public schoo
  7. Some did, some didn't. Either way, I paid more then my share of taxes and full tuition so while I understand where your going here, it doesn't really change the fact that the bigger picture isn't on the same page as you, where healthcare is concerned. And yet, Nancy Pelosi had no idea what was in the Bill. LOL..... Go figure right?
  8. That is certainly one opinion but the reality is that we are not passed it. If we were, this would not be an issue. There is the Star Trek version of life and then there is the reality. We are not at that point, not even close and no matter how many times you or anybody wants to suggest that that is what we should aspire to, the reality is that we are not there.
  9. LOL.... That is exactly the opposite of what I posted. Destino, what's going on here?
  10. First of all, the Obama Administration had a plan and they did all of it in secret. Heck, the Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi admitted as much when she made the whole, pass it to know what's in it statement.
  11. Oh, I absolutely think that people will lose Insurance coverage. I just don't think it will be the elderly or the impaired. It will be others who don't fall into one of those two segments. I would not support that but I don't really think it would matter. I don't think that would ever fly. At some point, you gotta have soldiers to carry a rifle and if you go too far with benefits, then nobody will sign up. You try and implement a draft and people will revolt. I don't think that will happen anytime soon but that's just my opinion. Lets c
  12. I don't think they never had a plan. I think they new that it's very hard to take away something from the public once it's been given. This is why Obamacare was so bitterly fought. On the other hand, I don't think for one minute that the Left didn't understand the very same thing. They new once you subsidized healthcare, it would be very difficult to take it away. There is not good answer here. If you keep Obamacare, you end up with a money pit that will eventually fail on it's own or cost so much that quality of life in other areas is effected. If you get rid of it, then you force a c
  13. I don't think so. I mean, unless you are talking about the elderly or the impaired, which will never lose coverage because that's political suicide, I don't think so. No, that's not accurate. Paying for the VA is paying for a contract that each and every one of those soldiers agreed to. That is basically paying for services rendered IMO. That is not at all the same as paying for insurance for other people. Look, we can argue this point all day but clearly, this is the popular view. If it were not, we wouldn't have such a split in popular opinion on this subject. You are
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