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Dan T.

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The Hypnosis book WORKED GREAT! My 8 year-old now talks like WC Fields!!!!
The Panties arrived quickly and, as requested, unwashed. I used them to make tea

Tuna arrived safe & lives in my pool. I feed it tuna fish sandwiches for irony.


The internets has some funny mother-effers :laugh:

Thanks for posting Dan :cheers:

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CONFUSED— the ouija board says I should poison my wife, the 8-BALL says to wait. [/Quote]
A+ My 6-yr-old luvs his little pimp outfit-We put on 'superfly' when he dons it.[/Quote]
COOL LAVA LAMP—p.s. noticed a condom inside. Now wondering, what's the "LAVA"?[/Quote]
nice addition to my anatomically correct GI Joe collection-the black guy's huge![/Quote]
Taser worked even better that expected! My 3-year-old now eats brussel sprouts![/Quote]
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it looks like for the first 3 years he submits some normal comments but then gets tired of it and starts having fun with it on May 10th, '03 and it just gets crazier and crazier :laugh:

Yeah the first page and a half is pretty normal: "Great seller!" . . ."Highly recommended", etc.


Geat Seller, eats balanced meals and watches his weight.OUTSTANDING!

BEST SELLER ON EBAY! In fact, this experience made me want to put down my gun.A+

Great guy. flosses regularly—extremely polite—very handy around house. AAA+

After that it turns into bizarre pure comedy gold. :laugh:

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