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  1. I'd like to see GSP destroy Hardy. Sports bars should be packed here cheering him on and id like to avoid the drunken rage of idiots.
  2. I really hope they go through with it, I guess ill keep checking in with the ticket office to get them as soon as they're out.
  3. GSP outwrestled Hughes... now that's making a statement.
  4. They both tired themselves out in the 2nd round trying to get a knockout. Take a wild guess who im cheering for in this one :laugh:
  5. Wow, the stream im watching must be really behind.
  6. Eye poke, rock him with a right since George's left eye was taken out, don't let George recover. I'm really disappointed in George saying that he was ready so quickly when he could have taken 5 minutes to recover from the eye gouge... Instead he went back into the fight with his left eye closed. Well, Mac Vs Tommy. Mac is probably going to win.
  7. Burgundy and gold. I Don't think we should go away from those colors. Im a big fan of when the top is burgundy. That looks intimidating enough imo. Besides the Raiders wear black , and I doubt anybody's afraid of playing them. If they make black jerseys and sell them to the fans, why not. As long as its not worn on the field.
  8. Why dont they make good food that's healthy. I want a t-bone steak.
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