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The official sign T.J. Slaughter thread!


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T.J. Slaughter would be a great fit. First of all, his last name is Slaughter, which is enough to instill fear in opposing special teamers. As noted by Mr. S, his presence instantly upgrades the fearsomeness of our LBs' names, especially when coupled with the release of Jeff Posey.

T.J. stands for Tavaris Jermell, which makes the abbreviation of his name incredibly understandable.


T.J. Slaughter looks just like Othello, and there aren't too many humans who have ever existed that are more badass than Othello.


T.J. Slaughter is a great character guy. He has only been charged with one (1) felony (assault with a firearm) and is still the scariest mother****er I have ever seen. His charitable donation of a mere $500 got him off the hook, making a vet-min plus incentives contract alluring.


And for the ladies, T.J. models premium UNICO briefs. Here he is seen doing decline push-ups on a large rock.


T.J. Slaughter is the only player in the NFL who has an upper-lip tattoo for the sole purpose of making him look like he has a permanent bloody nose.

For all these reasons T.J. Slaughter, 29, will add incredible depth to our linebacking corps.

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