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  1. Young was the highest graded rookie defender this week fwiw
  2. These 2 streams usually work for me for all games and sporting events Crackstreams.com 720pstream.me
  3. Being as close as we are to the bottom 5 Every win is cringe worthy
  4. https://www.bulletsforever.com/2019/2/26/18242505/ted-leonsis-ernie-grunfeld-washington-wizards We have hope
  5. Hey guys I was about to start a new thread But I figured I would post it here and see if anyone could help me out I'm currently writing a paper on the history of the Wizards logo and was wondering if anyone knew where I could get info on how to find who designed the different logos of the Wizards/Bullets ect
  6. https://www.720pstream.me For all the sports games
  7. https://www.720pstream.me/new-england-patriots-vs-washington-redskins-stream
  8. The future of this team to me isn't looking too good Grunfield need a to be fired like 3 years ago
  9. I never said Durant doesn't fit i just personally think if we had a great post player who could also stretch the floor would be a better benefit we can get shooters for days And by no means am i saying that i don't want Durant because he is my favorite player and i would love to see him here
  10. I think Aldridge is a better fit for our team than Durant we need that big who can stretch the floor and play from the post and create
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