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Jason Campbell is almost as dumb as Carlos Rogers


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He was a good student at Auburn.

I guess one would have to look into those "special" classes at Auburn though, like the ones that Cadillac Williams took.

I could give a **** about the Wonderlic though, I want to know about football.

I want to see him play when the game is out of line

and I DON'T want to hear Gibbs act annoyed when people ask about him, as if HE didn't trade 3 picks to move up and get him.

Carlos stepped into a very complex defense as a rookie last year and did just fine, so I'm not that worried about Wonderlic scores.

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look im pretty sure campbell scored higher than vince young, and young beat us in only his second game with the tennessee ****ing titans...so im pretty sure we dont have THAT much to worry about...by the way, I give you vince young's wonderlic previously posted in the ATN

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