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  1. I can't believe Rampage could do something so retarded. What was he thinking?
  2. The spear is stupid honestly. It's like a weak version of Florida State's helmet and it screams Steve Spurrier.
  3. Machida had a big weight advantage in the fight and it was clear that Penn didn't have much endurance due to all the extra weight he was trying to put on. Penn still gave him a tough fight, probably the closest Machida has ever came to losing.
  4. The uniform is fine. The face in the helmet must stay. I don't like the Florida State and GB Packer helmets.
  5. My Predictions Rampage over Hendo (UD) This will be a close fight, but I see Rampage getting the better of the standup exchanges. Rampage didnt have to do a whole lot to get back into fight shape and has looked better than ever as of late. Cro Cop over Kongo (1st Rd KO) Mirko has a chip on his shoulder and he has always responded well after losing in the past. Hes trained with other elite strikers such as Remy Bonjasky for this fight and I think we will finally get a chance to see Cro Cop showcase his superior standup in the octagon Bisping over Hamill (2nd Rd KO) Bisping has an adva
  6. For fantasy MMA, go to mmaplayground.com, it's already got everything you said and much more.
  7. I can't believe Silva won the way he did. Dominating Leben is one thing, but to KO Franklin in the first round is really impressive.
  8. I think Franklin will TKO Silva in the 4th or 5th and Sherk shouldn't have a problem with Florian. I'm looking foward to Fitch / Hironaka and Okami / Starnes on the undercard, should both be very interesting matchups.
  9. Just got back from watching UFC 63 and I must say that it was a very good card all the way through. There was excitement from the very start, especially with Pulver getting KO'd early in the 1st, I don't think anyone expected that. Hughes Penn II was a great main event and overall I feel I got my moneys worth tonight.
  10. I believe Liddell will beat Silva. Silva lost to Tito Ortiz who got KO'd by Liddell so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the iceman puts the axe murderer to sleep.
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