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A couple of stories in MMA....

The Florida State Boxing Commission is investigating the Kimbo/Petruzelli fight:


A high volume of inquiries from the media and members of general public is what led the Florida State Boxing Commission (FSBC) to begin a preliminary investigation into the circumstances surrounding a last-minute Oct. 4 matchup between Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson and Seth Petruzelli at EliteXC “Heat.”

Petruzelli, who agreed to take the headlining bout on less than three hour’s notice after Ferguson’s opponent, Ken Shamrock, was cut in warm-ups and deemed medically ineligible to compete, clipped Ferguson out of the gate with a right jab. Petruzelli’s 14-second TKO stoppage aired live on CBS to 4.56 million viewers.

The following Monday, Petruzelli made comments on a local morning talk show that insinuated EliteXC promoters had arranged for the fighter to keep the bout from going to the mat for an extra fee.

Ferguson, who made his name in backyard brawls captured and viewed by millions on the Internet, had a clear disadvantage on the canvas due to his lack of time training in the sport.

Petruzelli and EliteXC officials have both since clarified the pre-fight transaction as a knockout bonus offer made in the locker room prior to the fight, but fans, media outlets, and rival promotions -- including the UFC -- were up in arms over the commission’s initial decision not to investigate what some have called “a fix.”

Alexis Antonacci, a Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation representative speaking on behalf of the FSBC, told Sherdog.com that the commission’s initial review of Petruzelli’s comments deemed an investigation unnecessary.

“Our original interpretation of his comments was that he was paid more to move up the card, to be moved up in the event,” she said.

Media outlets, including ESPN and Sports Illustrated, had their own interpretations though. After “10 to 20 calls” from the media, Antonacci said the FSBC decided to forgo standard protocol requiring the filing of a formal complaint to look into the deal made between fighter and promoter.

“We still have not received a formal complaint, but we thought it would be best to go ahead and open up an investigation,” she said Tuesday.

Antonacci said she was unaware if any other state commissions or rival promotions had placed calls to the FSBC.

The investigation, which Antonacci anticipates will last for a week and a half to two weeks, will include an interview with the promotion, she said. Antonacci said Petruzelli may or may not be queried afterward, depending on what the commission surmises from EliteXC’s statements.

“We have no reason to believe wrongdoing occurred,” she stated. “We stand by that at this time.”

Jeremy Lappen, Head of Fight Operations for EliteXC, did not return call for comment Tuesday.

Also, more coverage on Anderson Silva's possible 2009 retirement :(


The talk started in late September.

That’s when Anderson Silva, the UFC middleweight champion regarded by many as the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world, said on a Brazilian TV show that he was going to retire in 2009.

Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, explained that his fighter would finish out the six remaining bouts on his UFC contract. Although Soares’ statement seemed to appease some fans, others understood that Silva’s retirement could still come soon even if he fights six more times.

“Everything has its time,” Silva told Sherdog.com in an exclusive video interview, “and I believe my time is already over.”

So what would be Silva’s next move if he does retire? Boxing maybe? Coaching?

“I’m going to be fat, with a big belly by the side of the Octagon, eating popcorn behind the scenes, making my imitations and screaming for the fighters: “Go there! Kick his face! Put him down!”

Silva, who is famous around the Brazilian fight scene for his uncanny impersonations of fighters and trainers, also discussed with Sherdog.com whether compensation has played a role in his decision as well as whether he has been motivated to train for his title defense against Patrick Cote on Oct. 25 at UFC 90.

Video is here:



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I really hope that EliteXC gets burned for this. outside of Gina they offer nothing and have nothing but cheesy WWE-like buildups.

Kimbo has been under controversy in my eyes since his Thompson fight when the camera was suddenly shooting from the top of the stadium. Now this? Forget this circus sideshow, I will stick to the UFC. At least Dana is upfront about being a douchebag.

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‘Fighting Fedor’ Reality Show in Works


NEW YORK -- Affliction has partnered with M-1 Global, which is shopping around a reality TV series called “Fighting Fedor” that will feature a 16-man tournament with the winner eventually getting a shot at Fedor Emelianenko on an Affliction card.

The partnership was officially announced Thursday at Trump Tower, along with some details on the show.

A promo video presented by M-1 Global explained that participants from various countries will travel to St. Petersburg, Russia, where they’ll train at the Red Devil camp and compete in the tournament. The video said the show will be on “American TV,” though it doesn’t have a home yet.

“We’re currently having negotiations with many different networks and channels,” said M-1 Global President Vadim Finkelchtein through an interpreter.

Finkelchtein said networks are particularly interested because the show will focus on heavyweights. He also noted the international scope of M-1 Global, which through the M-1 Challenge has hosted events this year in Spain, Holland, England, Korea and Japan.

“There are many international fighters that the United States doesn’t know about,” Finkelchtein said. “Fighters from countries such as Bulgaria, Finland. Fighters that have very interesting and wonderful styles and are very exciting. We’re now opening the doors to breed the next generation of MMA fighters.”

M-1 Global and Affliction declined to set a timeline for when the show could begin production or air. However, Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio did say that Fedor would continue competing in the meantime, with his next match taking place in the “first quarter of 2009.” Atencio added that Affliction has extended its contract with the top-ranked heavyweight.

Donald Trump, who is also aligned with Affliction, mentioned the success of his reality show, “The Apprentice,” before assessing the potential of the Fedor show.

“I really believe, in its own way, this will be a great success,” he said.

Trump will travel to St. Petersburg at some point, though he won’t play a significant role. Although he was confident the show would succeed, he jokingly questioned the judgment of the 16 participants.

“I don’t know who these folks are that are trying to qualify to get a fight with Fedor,” he said. “I wouldn’t particularly like to do that. I can think of a lot of other things I’d rather be doing.”

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UFC 89 is tomorrow on Spike TV at 9pm(est), but if you're watching on internet streams it begins LIVE at 3pm(est). pretty weak card overall, but here are my quick picks for the only 3 fights i care about

Bisping over Leben by unanimous decision. Bisping will keep the workrate up and hit Leben often, but i don't think he has the power to put Leben away. as long as Bisping steers clear of Leben's power, he should win this easy

Vera over Jardine by 2nd Round TKO. Jardine doesn't do well against aggressive strikers. Vera's looked like **** his last 3 fights, and needs to be aggressive to win this fight. i'm guessing he'll come out blazing and overwhelm Jardine and finish him early in the 2nd.

Sokodjou over Cane by 2nd Round TKO. Cane could easily win this fight with his striking power if he lands a clean shot. Sokodjou likes when fighters are agressive and come at him, i think Cane will do so and leave himself open for one of Soko's bombs to connect and end the fight. Machida was patient enough and waited for the right time to strike, Cane won't be as patient and it will cost him.

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UFC 89: Joe Silva's Masterpiece -- picks:

Paul Kelly vs. Marcus Davis - So Marcus had a bad showing against Mike "The Stick" Swick, we all could see that he was out-pointed and couldn't overcome Swick's reach. Marcus is still a very potent bed-time artist if you don't have fantastic awareness. Paul Kelly has homefield advantage in this fight, especially against an Irishman. Haven't seen Paul fight, but apparently he can really go at it on the ground. Marcus has improved his takedown defense and ground game enough to make me think he'll land a few big ones. For Kelly, even fighting at home - this is an upset I don't expect him to pull off. Marcus Davis, TKO, Round 2.

Paul Taylor vs. Chris Lytle - You want to talk about a gatekeeper? Feast your eyes on Chris Lytle, who has fought a shopping list of welterweight contenders [and champions] over the years. This fight is probably the best one to bet for the underdog, who I assume is Lytle. Remember to count strikes, takedowns, and sub attempts...this momma has decision written all over it. Lytle is good at fending off attacks when he's in trouble, and his experience against great fighters should give him confidence against Taylor. I think Taylor might take the first round, but Lytle will build up confidence and take the last two. Just like BJ Penn vs. GSP. Just playing, just playing! Splitter to the Lytlekeeper.

Reameu Theirry Chonkakawah Malatarai Zimbabwe Sokodjou vs. Luiz Cane - This should be a very, very significant fight for both fighters. This is an early crossroads for Soko, who I have always looked at as a tad overblown at such an early stage in his career. Yes, he blasted Little Nog and Arona, but it is a different type of game when you can study an opponent. They had little, to no video on him. That doesn't mean he lacks talent. At 6'0", he's packed out with power. Run in to one of those bombs and you're toast. I really don't understand why he has a Judo background and his ground game lacks so much. Why practice throwing people down if you don't know wtf to do afterwards? He faces a well rounded prospect in Luiz Cane, whom I think should win if he fights with patience. Soko is secretly a sniper, looking for a big punch to touch any part of his opponent's head. Look for Luiz to stay on the outside before shooting for the legs. He doesn't want to end up clinched with Soko, that's when Sokodjou can release and stun you with a haymaker. Cane's best bet is to go Machida on Reamau's Reamau, and pound him out on the ground. This should introduce yet another name to the LHW mix, just what the UFC needed. Maybe, someday, it will be as great as the HW division........in Affliction. Cane, TKO, Round 3.

Keith Jardine vs. Brandon Vera - Anybody see the weigh-ins? Check them out on the front page of ufc.com. During the face-off, Jardine has yet another new fighting stance he puts on display. Who does he think he is, Cal Ripken? He certainly doesn't show up every day like Cal did. I love watching Brandon Vera's kickboxing style. He reminds me of Sagat from Street Fighter II, except he can't do the special "Tiger" moves. I know, it takes time, Brandon. Jardine is great when he can settle down, look at his opponent like a card player sitting at a poker table, and study his intentions. Problem is, Wanderlei Silva isn't EXACTLY Phil Hellmuth, is he? Yeah, no. Jardine has the flavor of the month in his corner, Gregg Jackson, who should tell Jardine to chill and do some feeling out before they install one of their plans. Jardine needs guidence, he needs riddum, he needs to tweek his nipples. I have this fight going back and forth with Vera pulling it off with a Gabe Gonzaga in the 3rd round. KO, Vera, 3rd Round.

Michael "Business" Bisping vs. Chris "The Cripple" Leben - I like Bisping. I call him "Business" Bisping because the guy always has his forehead curled like he means business. I hope that if he loses this fight, he doesn't go slam over some street signs with Rampage. That said, this is a fight that would not be the main event on any UFC card this year except this one. Even the dreaded UFC 85's Hughes vs. Alves had the former champ who will instantly be inducted in to the UFC Hall of Fame when he retires. Granted, this card is free, so I'm not complaining as much as I am simply making note of it. Bisping has a clear focus-advantage over the spaztically-emotional Leben. Bisping shouldn't do much feeling-out standing up, and that's about as much as he's shown he can do. Leben likes to make reads for timing punches. Bisping certainly could get caught if he expects his good head movement to throw Leben off. Bisping has to stick with keeping Chris down on the ground. Chris as KO'd people when, he himself, looked about 99% KO'd. Bisping can't expect an exhausted Leben to be a couple Bisping-Bombs away from a Hendo/Wanderlei type of KO. Shoot, shoot, shoot. In fact, I think if Bisping takes him down enough, Leben will tap due to exhaustion in the 3rd round. Sub (exhaustion) Round 3, Bisping.

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UFC 89- My usual non-researched, "flip a coin" picks :)

Sam Stout vs. Terry Etim:

Wow. Nobody outside this thread knows these guys but here we have 2 true bangers who stay busy and take good shots. Etim's got the home crowd but Stout won't be intimidated by it. I think Tery's got more skills and Sam's got more power. Tough call but I wanted to pick this fight because it could be the Fight of the Night even though that's the only way it'll make the broadcast.

Stout by split decision. (USA! USA!)

Sokoudjou vs. Cane:

Rameau has not impressed me since he came to UFC. Not saying he's a bad fighter but he hasn't had a real tough opponent other than Machida and he lost that one. I'm not real familiar with Luiz. I should stay away from this fight but I'll go with Soko just because I think he knows this is his make or break fight.

Soko by GnP in the late 2nd round.

Keith Jardine vs. Brandon Vera:

I have no idea who will win this fight. I suppose it all depends on if Jardine gets through the first round. It seems like if he does, he wins. (Alexander and Silva KOed him in 1 but I think all his other fights were victories and they all went past the first. Even the KO of Griffin was early-to-mid-2nd rd, right?) So basically Jardine needs to use his leg-kicks to keep Vera from being too aggressive in the 1st round. Vera needs to go hard and fast early or he'll be legless by the end of the 2nd. Since Keith just lost by KO to Silva, he'll be extra cautious early and will avoid "The Truth."

Jardine by unanimous decision.

Mike Bisping vs. Chris Leben:

I like both fighters as far as personalities go. Bisping has always carried himself like a pro and despite Chris' early immaturity, I always thought he was a good-hearted dude. It would be easy to take a knee-jerk pick here because The Count's pedigree and complete style seem like a lock over The Crippler's lack of stand-up defense but I'm going out on a limb. Chris Leben has completely changed his lifestyle, eliminating alcohol and partying. This could launch a guy with his talent and power. He could bring some new dimensions to his game tonight. He'll lose the 1st round but land a hearty shot somewhere after that.

Upset of the night. Leben by KTFO in 2.

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I can honestly say that I dont think Leben winning will be that big of an upset. and if Vera comes out aggressive he can take out Jardine.

You're right, Mike. The Crippler is better than most give him credit for and to be honest I'm rooting for him. I was using the word "upset" because I think the general public just has Bisping heavily-favored.

I also didn't mean to underestimate Brandon Vera at all. He's dynamic. It's just that we have to make picks so I randomly came up with a very plausible scenario due to their styles/recent performances and went with it. :)

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I agree bro and thats why I said it. It seems that people are all just assuming that Bisping is going to beat his ass. I like Leben because he is either going to knock you out or get knocked out but he is never boring.

and your Vera scenario is very plausible. just after seeing Silva eat Jardine for lunch I question how good his chin really is. I get and know that Wanderlai is a beast but he basically destroyed him and he was out even when Silva was doing his post fight interview.

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Those were in Pride though, weren't they?

true, but its not like his loss in the UFC was to a can. it was the almighty Elusive One in Machida who beat him.

the fight with Cane will tell alot about where Soko is. Cane is a well-rounded fighter, with some pretty good power in his shots.

i do agree with the person who said Soko needs to implement his judo background more though.

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true, but its not like his loss in the UFC was to a can. it was the almighty Elusive One in Machida who beat him.

the fight with Cane will tell alot about where Soko is. Cane is a well-rounded fighter, with some pretty good power in his shots.

i do agree with the person who said Soko needs to implement his judo background more though.

True about Machida. I just meant that when Soko got in front of his first marquis guy, he lost and other than that his opponents in the UFC have been cans. Hopefully I will see the real Rameau tonight.

btw- Are you gonna in this thread tonight or are you doing the Pavlik-Hopkins fight?

Also btw- SkinsOrlando, we should do a sig bet for UFC 90 so I can slip out of this guillotine.

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True about Machida. I just meant that when Soko got in front of his first marquis guy, he lost and other than that his opponents in the UFC have been cans. Hopefully I will see the real Rameau tonight.

btw- Are you gonna in this thread tonight or are you doing the Pavlik-Hopkins fight?

Also btw- SkinsOrlando, we should do a sig bet for UFC 90 so I can slip out of this guillotine.

i watched a stream of the event when it was live at 3pm.

i now want the 2 and half hours of my life back :doh:

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