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I read that his ribs were actually bruised, which is not nearly as serious as fractured.

And I am of the belief that an individual plays a significant role in the speed of their healing, in both their psychological approach, and physical.

We've seen many cases where athletes recover much quicker from injuries, than other athletes with the same injury. And I don't think that's by "accident" (no pun intended)


And besides the psychological and physical recovery efforts, there's the medical. I don't claim to be a medical expert, but aren't there substances or shots they can use, that are not banned, that will speed up the healing process, or at least mask the pain, so the pain is tolerable ?

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He circled with his hands down, but they were high enough on the entry for bigass gloves to run in to each other, or at least glance off each other.

Hard to tell if it would've made a difference, but I can imagine some glanceage.

Hmm, what's KO of the year so far?

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I still can't believe Machida is fighting so soon after being brutalized by Rockhold. I wonder if he even remembers what happened.


If Romero remembers that he has arguably the best wrestling credentials in the history of MMA, he can take Machida down and beat on him. If he opts to play the striking game, Machida will likely pick him apart from distance. Romero has pop in his punches though and Machida's chin isn't exactly iron.


I'm picking Romero mainly because I don't think Machida has recovered from that Rockhold fight.


hard to find another fight worth caring about on the card

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Damn, that fight is tonight? Wow.

Just saw the matchups on the card, yeah, lotta names I'm not very familiar with to say the least. WW Larken is something to keep an eye on.

I've been thinking Romero too. Machida may have been injured, but demolitions like the one he absorbed can make a fighter more fragile.

However, I just have a feeling Machida bounces back and knocks him out. Think Romero's striking is too many notches below Machida's, and Machida's TDD is good enough. Machida KO rd 1.

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