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Shamrock forgot how to finish a RNC

If having two irrelevant old guys headlining tonight didn't communicate bellator is struggling, Tito getting a title shot certainly does.


what does is say about MMA that Kimbo/Shamrock will be probably be the most watched MMA fight this year?

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Shamrock forgot how to finish a RNC





He didn't have the strength. He looked absolutely geriatric tonight.


Kimbo looked like a jelly-belly. This fight was a testament to how bad he really is by letting a mummy take him down twice and basically submit him. (I saw Kimbo tap. It was a half-tap, but he tapped the mat.)

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Saw the fight. Fairly nostalgic, Kimbo still got them heavy hands, lol.

Ken has never had any standup game, bad chin too. Good clinch, good on ground, but man....his kickboxing has been pretty non-existent, and it's been really detrimental.

What's it been, 8 years we've been expecting his retirement?

There's a card on right now, Fight Pass. Johanna JerJerdzik (sp) is fighting, I'm gonna try to catch it. Might be too late. She's sick at muay thai, ****ed her last opponent up.

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She brutalizes girls. Love that kickboxing.

Didn't think much of women's strawweight, but she's awesome,


its a much deeper division than woman's bantamweight. unlike Rousey, she will actually have some decent challengers while she reigns

They gotta promote her better, she deserves better than an afternoon FightPass card


she's gold on the mic, she's a star with better promotion




José Youngs


Joanna ended up landing 190 of 275 total strikes (70%), including 183 of 268 significant strikes (69%) #UFCBerlin



Goldberg would say her precision is so precise

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Joanna so far has been pretty dominant, and a hell of a lot of fun to watch.  And make no mistake her striking is better then someone like Cyborg is is primarily using her strength to overwhelm her opponents opposed to high level strikes. 

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That's so TYPICAL.


unavoidable reality of a contact sport


You take preparations to guard against injuries, but **** happens when your training regiment involves fighting. Its not like they can get ready for a fight by playing patty-cake.

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