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repeat after me............

... you have the right to an attorney, for anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law......

after the foregoing disclaimer, 135 in a 94 Ford GT Mustang on a higway voted the loneliest road in America by Life Magazine (Highway 50 cutting east/west across north central Nevada).

Scary thing was that the majority of this Highway is open range. Nothing like driving 135 mph watching for cows in the road ahead.

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108.35 mph pulled over in my 78 camaro. Got a 500 dollar ticket and loss of license for 3 months.for wreckless driving, speeding, endangering the lives of others, and failing to give the right of way to oncoming vehicles lol. Pegged the car out at 130 mph. speedometer wrapped past 130 back to zero and was begging for more. the cable broke and thats where it stayed. Hanging below zero. Was doing a good 150+. Was 17 at the time. Wouldnt think of it anymore lol

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100 driving myself. Once or twice in a Prieus even. Rode with a psycho friend of mine just out of H.S. who drove faster than that, but I stopped looking at the speedometer as it whipped past 100. Figured the cops would let us know how fast when they yanked us, ( didn't happen, but it crossed my mind). Here. Well, the past couple of trips to Vegas I've routinely hit 85- 90.



Er.... going downhill on those mountain highways catch you offguard sometimes. :D :halo:

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