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  1. Jack Slack for the win. I think his articles where better when he wasn't pumping out 2 per week for Fightland, but now that Fightland has shut down & Vice Sports has gone to video only, hopefully he gets back to the more in-depth, lower volume articles he used to write. His "Killing the King" series is excellent, and his wushu watches & commentary on kangaroo fights are always a fun read. He did have a video series called Ringcraft which was really amazing but Fightland messed up, held episode 4 on Rousey too long, then she lost & the content was no longer as relavent. He also has a weekly podcast & a Patreon page ($5/month) where he puts up longform history articles once a month. He he also has written a McGregor book "Notorious" which I think is now on Amazon US and should be in bookstores by September. He doesn't know where he will be writing now that Fightland is down, but he is worth searching for if you are looking for solid written MMA Analysis.
  2. Ahhhhh. There is justice in the UFC after all. Woodley vs. Maia UFC 214 July 29 in other news, Cowboy Cerrone is injured, out of his fight with Lawler at 213 next weekend. I think that's the 2nd time in Cowboy's 675 UFC fights he's pulled out due to injury. 213 can't catch a break.
  3. Well Showtime replays their PPV a few weeks or a month after the event right? I might wait for that. MAYWEATHER VS. MCGREGOR: Most Illegally Streamed Fight in the History of the World!!!! this also has reserved seats at a sports bar written all over it.
  4. Half of Floyd's audience wants him to lose to anyone, that's his genius that Conor also picked up on: if you only appeal to fans who want to watch you win, your throwing away potentially 50% of your audience. I know I just want to see Floyd's reaction to a loss like a lot of people. Floyd's doing this for the same reason as Conor, for the money. This is also not for fans of Floyd; delusion fans of Conor & haters of both fighters maybe and the casual fan who will watch this fight and not another one for 5-10 years. the fight will most likely be crap, I just want to see how far that crap spreads to boxing & MMA. I actually think this fight could have more of a negative affect on the UFC than boxing. How does the UFC get the casual fan to watch any PPV without Conor? The core 300,000 US buys is almost given, 500,000 for decent cards, but where do those 1 million PPV buys come from if Conor bolts? UFC might be getting out of the PPV game wether they like it or not.
  5. What are the chances the UFC gets brought up on a violation of the Ali Act, which specifically state a promoter can not act as a fighters manager for the same event? they also noted Conor's payout (and Floyd's too I think) will not be disclosed due to a Non Disclosure Agreement. Other things odd about this fight- other than the obvious- are: -they noted Conor is prohibited from throwing kicks & elbows, suggesting a significant financial penalty if he does. Wonder if the same applies to Floyd, who sneaks in a ton of elbows? If Floyd's ref is there, there is no way he calls Floyd for an elbow unless it is blatantly obvious, even then it still might not be called. - Conor's shorts: Reebok branded UFC shorts or will he wear boxing shorts & have his own sponsors on them? That could piss a ton of fighters off and strengthen the anti trust suit vs the UFC, or at least open up the possibility of fighters not wearing reebok in the octagon. Might not apply to entire roster, but I could see a single fighter bringing a case before a judge for a specific fight in that state and win an injunction to wear their own shorts & gear. -if Conor wins, does he ever fight in the UFC again? I don't see it happening. With the loss of their biggest star, and potential legal issues, this $4 billion purchase might blow up in Ari Emanuel's face. Even if Conor loses, why not stick to boxing, tell the UFC to take a hike and go it his own and pull in 10 to 20 times what the UFC pays him to fight. -If Conor wins, how much does it affect the Canelo vs GGG PPV, or boxing in general going forward? I could see a Conor win suck the interest in boxing out of the casual fan and result in a ridiculously low buy rate. - How big is the ring? Floyd fights in 24 foot rings MINIMUM, which is insane for that weight. (I don't think Tyson fought in anything bigger than 20 foot). If it's huge & Floyd runs & barley gets hit, how much does this hurt Conor's brand? I'm assuming Floyd is done after this, win or loose. This fight intrigues me, not because of the fight itself-I fully expect it to be garbage- but because of what it means to both the UFC & Boxing going forward. I don't think we will know for sure for another 3-5 years, when Conor should be retired and we see what the UFC has left.
  6. UFC just announced Anderson Silva vs Kelvin Gastelum as the co-main event at UFC 211 in Rio behind Aldo Hollaway. I know now why Gastelum took this fight, but why did Silva? maybe the new bosses said show me a highlight finish before we talk GSP. this is just odd.
  7. Dana being Dana, saying Team Khabib went rouge & took him to a "random" hospital instead of calling the UFC to get their Doctor to either look at Khabib or at least direct him where to go. Also said he was 6 pounds over when it happened at 5:30am. Knowing I should only believe half (at most) of what Dana says, I wonder which statement is true?
  8. Well he is fighting in a division 15 pounds heavier than the belt he held for an instant, and he naturally is a fat guy. Says he gets up to 220+ in between camps & he's like 5'10". He gets destroyed at middleweight, got lucky & fought the only 185 close to his size in Lombard, most will have 6"+ reach advantage on him.
  9. Guess so, him & Ferguson for yet another Interim Belt. & Anderson Silva vs Derek Brunson at UFC 208. Spider-the king of counters & drawing charges- vs. A wild charging, off-balance punch-throwing Brunson; YES PLEASE!?
  10. Why does Khabib want Ferguson so badly? He is clearly the #1 contender at 155, why fight Ferguson who is ranked behind him? As for other divisions, the only other stacked division at the moment is 170 with Thompson itching for a rematch after his draw and Lawler, Maia & Cerrone all knocking on the door for a title shot. Oh, and some Irish 155'er wants a shot at the 170 belt too. 185 just seems to be stacked with Bisping at the top, and while there are some nice up & comers, after the Bisping Romero fight we all expect who's next after a Rockhold/Souza contender match? 205 is in the perpetual loop of DC vs Bones scheduled, then cancelled due to injury or drug suspension. I bet DC waits for Bones instead of fighting AJ & this whole thing cycles again. Stipe should fight Werdum, but a 1 dimensional Derrieck Lewis and a raw big French dude-Garmoun? - are the only new contenders. 125 the UFC screwed up so much I would not be surprised if they folded the belt after Mighty Mouse retires or moves up after beating Silva's title defences record. 135 we wait for Cody vs TJ & 145 is suppose to be Aldo Holloway while Edgar continues to eat rocks & like it. Womens 135 has a #1 contender fight on Fox soon & I think Rose vs Karate Hottie for 115 #1 wouldn't be a bad idea. I hope some some new contenders pop up in some of those thin divisions by the end of the year.
  11. Well reports are out that since her acting is so bad they might re-cut, re-shoot or shelve the movies she was to star in. & how marketable is she now in the WWE now that she's been tuned up on the feet twice in a row? Someone said it right earlier, her brand got it's ass kicked last night. I think Ronda thought she could strike after the Beth fight since she got the TKO. But then again that's like determining you could be the best base stealer of all time since you are faster on the base path than Babe Ruth. Beth was never a great striker, just a wild swinger.
  12. F'ing local cable provider screwed up and can't view the PPV. At a buddies place & it's not on, tried a few bars & same thing. This blows.
  13. & I know Hendo said win, lose or draw he's retiring, but if Hendo wins & the UFC doesn't make Hendo vs Anderson 2, I'm going to be really disappointed in Dana for not exploiting past their prime fighters like he used to. So McGregor v Alvarez for the 155 strap in NY. Man that card is stacked, 9 fights I want to see when usually it's just 3 or 4. Eagle vs MJ added too. Aldo is pissed, wants to be released, pointed out that Dana told him to vacate 145 belt if he wanted to challenge Pettis for the 155 strap. I like Alvarez, but I could see him getting caught with one of those left's & then things quickly go downhill from there.
  14. Yeah, guess I should have clarified. I saw the Cinemax logo on the credits. Up here in Canada, we don't get Cinemax, HBO Canada has picked it up. They usually run Showtime, Cinemax or other networks shows on another pay movie network-like Dexter or House of Lies-but for some reason Quarry is on HBO in Canada. we do get AMC. When is Better Call Saul back? That's the only show I watch on that channel, never get to catch a preview.