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Besides NYG, DAL & PHI, who do you enjoy seeing us beating?


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For me it's always gonna be the Miami Dolphins. I just always had something against them. First off my dad is a huge Miami fan so we're always talking trash about each other's team. It sucks that we only get to play them about once every four years or so, kind of like the Olympics. I also don't like them because we were the last team to lose to them during their undefeated season. So beating them is like getting revenge for that last season.

I also enjoy beating the Ravens as well.

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I really enjoy it when we beat the Bye Week. They're some tough mofos. ;)

Speaking of which, I really hope we don't get another week 3 bye. It would've been real nice to keep playing and keep the momentum going after that incredible Dallas game. Couldn't have hurt our energy level at the end of the season either. We were on our 16th consecutive game week by the time we got to Seattle! It's no wonder we ran out of gas.

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