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Okay. Golden rule when working around a bunch of 11 year olds learning to play baseball. Always,always keep your eye on them. They,can't throw that well. Can't catch that well. And common sense is close to absent. I forgot that and now my lip,(fat), is telling me about it.

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OK, so I've been talking to an old friend of mine on and off. Seen her a few times. Hasn't gotten too serious, though we've both talked about that. I'm into her, but not like blown away into her.

My mom calls me from work tonight about this girl named "Amy" that she works with. Described her as "very pretty, a little heavy, but with a GREAT sense of humor. One of those people that even if you don't marry her, she could be someone you could have a lot of fun with."

My mother, yes, my mother, goes on to tell me that this girl wants to get "vajazzled." I had never heard the expression, but knew immediately what it meant. Chick wants to have the little bedazzler jewels stuck on her hoohhah.

Now, my question is, WTF do I do? Can I see them both until things start moving a little more quickly? Should I break things off (not that there's much to break off yet) with the one, until I see what happens with the other?

I told mom I'd take the girl she knows out at least once; to dinner or something, and see what happens from there. Is that evil? Jen, the other girl, and I haven't talked about any kind of exclusivity, or even said the word "dating."

Sometimes I hate the fact that I found my ex-wife so young. I'm 36 and don't know all the **** most of you knew in high school. :ols:

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^^ Nothing wrong with going out with both right now. You said yourself that you and the other girl aren't exclusive. So, you're good. Good luck.

Cool. That's what I thought, but I feel like a 36-year old rooke, despite being in the game for over 20 years. I just never expected to be released, and then have more than one "team" interested in signing me. :ols:

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you try to do too much thinking in the middle of the night.

i do too much arguing on es in the middle of the night.

got a nice gift today - a donovan #5 jersey. this future son in law is a keeper.

not sure how the three are connected. hey, this is a random thought thread and i just had three of them. see me in another fifteen minutes.

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