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Random Thought Thread

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I bought this real cheap wine, Penguin somethin or other, and it's absolutely delicious.

Also, I haven't posted in forevs, I missed you ES :)

Penguin BOO!
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Jerk. It doesn't have an "s" at the end soooo it's totally fine.

You almost made me feel bad there for a minute.

Yeah, but Crosby is a PenguiN :pfft::pfft: Edited by ACW
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Re watched "The Wizard of Oz" with my family today. I'm sure that it will outlast Armageddon and whatever deformed, pathetic sub humans are left crawling upon the Earth will still end up watching it. It never gets old.

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I think the best part of that post is the fact that he spelled "trifecta" correctly, but not "great".

Hahaha, that's because I write for a hobby, otherwise that post would've been a lot worse.

The Perfect Cure For A Hangover

1.) 1 Bloody Mary ****tail

2.) Hot shower

3.) 15-20 minute exercise to get heart rate up, and weat out toxins

4.) Lots of water to flush out the rest, works wonders my friends

Edited by Mr. Sinister
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