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Random Thought Thread

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I must admit that I am impressed that not only are you posting, but coherent, as you are being rushed to the ER.

Also, how did you get the ambulance to let you use their wireless intenet? Last time I was in there, they were quite stingy about it. Something about emergencies only, and how I should stop thrasing, and then there was morphine and I woke up 2 days later. Good times.

yeah they wanted me to just lay down. But I was all like "it's only a heart attack, that ain't ****! I can take it, let me post!!" :D

You got the dates all wrong.....my birthday is September 11th.

lol.gif so it's all about you, huh?! :silly:

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I think my apartment is haunted. We live in front of a cemetery to begin with. All sorts of weird **** has been happening for the past four days. It's not even just me, my roommate has seen and heard the same ****. Not that I believe in these things, but it sure is a mind**** sometimes.

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I have no job and school doesn't start for another couple weeks and I just moved in to my new place so trying to figure out what to do with everything now that I actually have space for it all. Had no idea what to do with my Redskins towels, so today I made one into a pillow.


Should have measured and cut it down though since the towel isn't quite square so it was a little longer than the pillow form I bought.

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I'm about to start pulling so many good looking girls(actually I'd be happy with one ha). Just a feeling I have, I have a newfound confidence. I realized I am a good looking guy, and have just as much personality as anybody else. And I say all of this humbly, for I realize I can fail miserably.

Everyone should check out the album Tanya Morgan- Brooklynati, regardless if you like hip hop or not.

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TJ- whats the deal with Geraldo?? You might like this if you are a Geraldo fan (or not cuz it's funny)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNK5g9o9Yj4

My sig is a shot of Geraldo at the New Orleans convention center following hurricane Katrina (which happened this week four years ago).

Take a look at it. Moving, powerful television...


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I was talking about this with someone else but it seems like your stereotypical sports fan

A) bets on games

B) Drinks during games

neither of which I do regularly. The last time I drank during a game was the 2007 LSU - Mississippi State opener. I ain't never bet on no games.

I assure you all when I'm in the Stadium chat doing commentary on the REdskins games I'm 100% sober lol. Never understood why everyone has to get drunk or bet on games...you can enjoy the games without these IMO and I do so every day

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