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Cindy Sheehan at protest outside my window right now...


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There is a "US out of Iraq Immediately" protest rally going on in the square in front of San Francisco City Hall, where my offcie window is. Cindy Sheehan is speaking right now.

The turnout is terrible. They were expecting ten thousand or more, but I doubt there are more than a couple thousand.

Before the usual suspects start goating about this as proof that the American people support the war, I think that most of us mushy liberals wish we hadn't invaded Iraq, but also think it would be a disaster to American credibility to pull out tomorrow and watch the country collapse.

Anyhow, thought you should know.

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When should we pull out?

When the new Iraqi government can govern, and run a stable country without our assistance. We can't leave until such time as, that goal is realized.

Not trying to start a debate on why we are there in the first place, pointless now, and nobody's changing anybody's mind on whether or not we should have invaded Iraq. One thing we can't do is leave the country prematurely, and watch it descend into total chaos and anarchy. (and no, Iraq is not even close to chaos and anarchy.)

I can't imagine a bigger motivator for the Terrorist recruitors of the world, if we leave Iraq early, and any sense of government collapses. The Daily attacks are taking their toll, and our troops are dying, but the alternative is much worse, and a betrayal to the common Iraqi that would be felt for generations.

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