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  1. I have a Redzone pass and 2 tickets in section 105. Maybe we can work something out. JRoney1@cox.net.
  2. Section 105. Row 8. Seats 19 and 20. $100 for both and I will throw in the Redzone Pass. The Redzone is where the Extreme Skins tailgate is held. Or make an offer.
  3. Friend canceled out at last minute. Section 105. Row 8. Seat 20. I will be sitting next to you. A few rows behind Pez and Huly. $100. If you buy the ticket I will throw in the Redzone Pass for $10. The Redzone is where the Extreme Skins tailgate is held. Or make an offer.
  4. Wow. Did anyone see that FSU Seminoles commercial? We need a sponsor. Black & white. A Seminole on a paint horse with a spear and war paint. "A sprit roams these parts, a spirit of respect, competition and academic greatness." I chatted with a Cherokee dude last night who wasn't raised on a reservation. He said that his grandmother does live on a reservation. When he was a boy she explained to him that a warrior was more than just a soldier. A warrior took responsibility in the community and respected women. A warrior was a man, and that's what it took to be a man.
  5. I'm on record for keeping the name and disassociating the team from American Indians, which I have justified in other posts. One thing that I am noticing here and posts in the Washington Post is that when I say that American Indians don't have red skin, or even reddish skin, the conversation seems to come to a dead stop. The perception that Indians have a natural red tint to their skin is so ingrained that folks on all sides of the Redskin issue just don't know where to put the notion that Indians are naturally brown skinned and that the only time their skin is red is when they color it red or
  6. The perception that the name references skin color, although widely accepted, is not the real meaning of the word. Hollywood and John Wayne may have done more to advance that notion than anything else but it is nowhere to be found in the historical documents. In her filings in the trademark case Amanda Blackhorse clearly states "we do not have red skin". The misperception that that "redskin" is a reference to natural skin color is the starting point of the controversy. Real resolution won't be possible until this is recognized. The best source that I have found is a paper, "How the Indians g
  7. Yo brother. I'm next to you in section 105. I just try to have fun on game day. If having fun is dependent on what happens on the field then I'll stop going.
  8. I assume that you know that there is no dictionary conspiracy. They do a good job of serving some basic functions but quickly get out of their element when they try to make judgments, especially regarding social issues. If the dictionaries were trying to be informative they might try: Redskins: A reference to skin dyes used by Native Americans. Sometimes used as a derogatory term. This informs the reader that the association of red skin with Native Americans has it's source in rituals related to dyeing their skin red. With a little research the reader then at least has a chance of understa
  9. Usually folks that bring up that ridiculous argument are folks who buy into the dictionary definition of redskin because they are not capable of thinking for themselves. So I point out that neither of the words blackskins or whiteskins are in their precious dictionaries, and why would any team pick a name that wasn't even a word? Other fun questions for dictionary jihadists: How is it that "white man" is defined as "a man who is white", and "black man" is defined as "a man who is black", but "red man" is defined as "a derogatory term for native Americans"?? The credibility/consistency of the
  10. You and I have the same disease. When I started seriously researching the topic months ago I was willing to be persuaded either way based on whatever I was able to find out. As I wrote to Bang the other day, when it became apparent to me that certain Indian leaders have no interest in the truth I kind of lost patience with the whole lot of them.
  11. If we are hoping that polls of Indians are going to carry the day we are dreaming. The money and political pressure within the Indian community one day will flip those polls. At a minimum we shouldn't blindly depend on the belief that it won't. That is why I never cite polls of Indians.
  12. Thanks for the link Grego, I'll add it to my collection. There is no mistaking that there are multiple underlying conflicts in the Indian community. If you read the comments sections of various Indian on-line publications you often can pick up on it. Who is considered to be a card carrying member of a tribe and who is denied their card is a big issue. Most tribal leaders are elected. After winning office some will try to kick the people who didn't support them out of the tribe. If that is endemic then it would explain why it takes an act of courage sometimes for a card carrying tribe member to
  13. Bang, I can understand why you thought that I was questioning your patriotism and I apologize for not expressing myself clearly. I was assuming your patriotism but was questioning the basis of your loyalty to Indians because honestly I've gotten pretty fed up with some Indians. Pretty angry actually. My aggressive questioning had nothing to do with patriotism, it was directed at all of our positive assumptions about Indians. One day a few months ago after spending weeks researching the topic I came to the conclusion that The folks leading the fight against the Redskins, Susan Harjo, Amanda Bla
  14. There is a real difference in the perception of the meaning of the team name depending on where you sit. The Redskins are in the position where someone else is defining who they are. When GPM renamed the team and gave it a new logo, probably in concert with his new head coach, he didn't define what the name meant. I don't think anyone knows what he would have said, but his mission was to sell tickets. The new Washington Redskins would define themselves. Others will continue to debate what the old name meant, but the team would have moved on. The ancient mythology of War Gods include many dei
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