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  1. So romoSUCKS needs back surgery yet we couldn't stop him yesterday when it mattered? What a ****ing joke.

    1. Rex Tomb

      Rex Tomb

      My first thought exactly... wow! What the hell were we doing only sending 4 linemen at him on the final chance to take the lead?! Haslett has to go.

    2. skinsforlife101


      How could you not blitz on 4th and goal from the 12 yard line. Poor coaching Haslett should have been fired yesterday

    3. rocazares


      Oh good lord.

      Hasslet needs to go F right know!!!!

  2. BraunMan92

    Season Ticket Renewals

    This is how you get Snyder to sell the team. Do not renew season tickets.
  3. The 2011 Washington Redskins with Rex Grossman dispatched Seattle in Seattle. Arizona has been the only team to do it since and they did it yesterday. Sad how far this team has fallen.

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    2. CrypticVillain


      I just checked. The 9ers beat them in week 16. We beat them in week 12.

    3. Lombardi's_kid_brother


      We need to recapture the glory of 2011.

    4. CrypticVillain


      Unleash The Dragon!!!


  4. How evil is Dan Snyder?

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    2. skins214428hail


      He is quazi evil. The diet coke of evil. Just one calorie not quite evil enough.

    3. Bang


      he gives kittens colonoscopies with drinking straws just for fun.

    4. skins214428hail


      That is truly evil

  5. So, as team captain, RGIII is accompanying the team to Atlanta, right?

    1. Mr. Sinister

      Mr. Sinister

      Only a true Captain in the Rebel Alliance goes down with his Star Destroyer...

    2. skins214428hail


      I am sure he will if he is allowed

  6. Would respect Shanahan more if he had the GUTS to say that RGIII is being benched for poor play.

  7. We beat the Chargers. Who have beaten everyone in our division. We beat the Bears, who just trounced Dallas. Why aren't we competitive in our division? Makes zero sense.

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    2. abdcskins


      Because we suck.

    3. Skinfanfourlife
    4. Skinfanfourlife


      I dont understand why no one is talking about this D IT IS THE WROST IN THE NFL

  8. Seattle hit 137.6 DB yesterday. What is Fed Ex's record?

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    2. Painkiller


      Bottom line, you need a roof of some type to generate as much sound as Seattle does. They get mad whenver you point this out, but it's the truth. That stadium design is a 1/3 of their sound or more.

    3. Roger.Staubach


      Now...RFK could rock. I miss smaller stadiums. Cowboys Stadium is like a library (partially stadium design, mostly boring fans).

    4. ezericd


      The Redskins are terrible, RGIII is terrible, and after 44 years of being a fan, this team has finally turned me off to the NFL. I am done with the Redskins.

  9. Seattle almost lost to the Bucs in Seattle yet steamroll New Orleans? What gives?

    1. rabidskin


      NFL every team capable of giving a tough match....except the Skins

    2. abdcskins


      They weren't mentally prepared for the Bucs. They were waiting for the Saints.

    3. HogNose


      The football has an odd shape and you never know what direction it will bounce each Sunday.

  10. Who wins tonight in the preview of the NFC Championship game between Seahawks and Saints? It will be good to see Gregg Williams win a Lombardi this year. He deserves another.

  11. Once again, we fail to close the kill. Team's conditioning is very suspect. What is going to be done to get them in game shape?

  12. Still can't believe last year at this time we blew out Dallas in a laugher by halftime 28-3.

  13. Snyder/RGIII's dad vs Shanahan/Haslett tag team cage fight. Losers leave DC for good. Wouldn't that be grand?

    1. Boss_Hogg


      Make it a 3 on 2 handicap match, RGII and Dan versus Mike, Haz, and Keith Burns. RGII would whoop that ass, hell he'd probably choke slam Snyder after the bell rung.

    2. Mr. Sinister

      Mr. Sinister

      Tag team ladder match, with RG3's film suspended above the ring. Rob Parker = Special enforcer

    3. Boss_Hogg


      Lets also throw in some tables and RGII's folding chair from the FedEx locker room. TLC Match

  14. Snyder has nothing to say about this mess?