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  1. I would say the top three coaches on the hot seat are Rex Ryan, Gus Bradley, Jay Gruden and Sean Payton tied at 3rd.
  2. Let me say this if Rex Ryan is fired by the bills. We should make him an offer to become the next defensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins. Joe Barry should be on the hot seat after that defensive performance on Monday night.
  3. The performance was so bad the first preseason game that it's not going to take a lot to show Improvement.
  4. Any chance that Marvin is gone in cincy if they dont win tonight lol
  5. If possible please post in OP: All Redskins fan sign they need 313 more signatures Petition to Remove Phil Simms from any future Redskins' broadcasts Link:
  6. According to forum Fox 45 in Baltimore is not airing the Redskins at Eagles. Wich is odd because Baltimore has an away game

  7. Just got Sunday Ticket Max for 100.00.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. skinsforlife101


      You must get connected with a retention operator. When you call just say the phrase "check contract expiration date".

    3. c.iggy


      Thanks. I just signed up a contract with them around May. Would that be an issue if I say the aforementioned above?

    4. skinsforlife101


      If you just signed up you should be able to get free Sunday ticket. I know that DTV normally has that special for new customers

  8. The 2014 ES March Madness Bracket Challenge is currently up and running in The Tailgate Section

  9. OUT: 1. Mike Shanahan 2. Jim Schwartz 3. Rob Chudzinski Leaning Toward Out 1. Leslie Frazier 2. Mike Munchak 3. Greg Schiano (Possible would leave anyway if PSU job opens up) Safe: 1. Tom Coughlin 2. Joe Philbin 3. Jason (the puppet) Garrett
  10. Walt Coleman the referee for the Eagles at Skins game. Expect a lot of flags boys and girls

    1. Redskins Ruckus

      Redskins Ruckus

      I'm not looking forward to this officiating crew either.

    2. BleedBNG


      well at least we'll know 99% of the time who it will be against

  11. Normally don't do video links but its Cowpukes week. Hank Hill says it all
  12. The Bucks are shooting 62% in the first half the Wizards maybe the worst defensive team in the NBA. We are in for a very long season guys.
  13. Saunders made a mistake by not putting Mason JR. on the active starting lineup then playing him the sadly Wizards are the joke of the NBA.
  14. IMHO Young at some point during the season will have the start over Crawford.