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  1. I think Alex and Allen gives us the luxury of taking BPA during the draft and not "panic" picking a QB. If "their guy" is there, great, but if Sewell is there and their QB is not they can take the best player available., I like it
  2. Not happening, we are in the middle of watching the greatest comeback story in the history of professional sports - no one wants to see Haskins on the field pooping himself again. In the words of coach we have "seen enough". That "near clean up" was the closest thing he is going to get to football action barring something terrible happening to Alex
  3. While Daniel is a wise and sage gentleman, I assure you that we are not one in the same
  4. hahahahhha this is comical remember that time a player got drafted and then led a team to the playoffs? me either. its over haskins humpers. --rolled his eyes at the team that drafted him --complained about not being drafted by a rival team --created some awkward some media presence and marketing thing with his dad where they had to do some weird cult ish --acted generally disinterested in playing football on a regular basis --explicitly stated that he was "not THAT into football" and preferred video games --arrived fat and slow --was universally crit
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