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  1. wait what? - starters or not its not even been close - Dallas is far better than our football team in just about every measurable way over the last 5 years
  2. You lived up to your namesake in this post; I am just so angry when I think about what Snyder has done to the org I loved that my posts often come across as NATT (Negative All the Time) agree w/ all points within for the most part
  3. I think this is a key point - our QB situation and lack of a serviceable option is now costing us in FA. No skilled player is going to want to come here and let their career die at the hands of Simba. Look at what happened to Terrys stats after "Simba" took over for the season; I think his attitude, demeanor, and immaturity probably also play into a FAs mental calculus, I mean who can forget the comical moment he was trying to "inspire" the O-Line and they were basically laughing at him - the dude is a massive joke to anyone thats not a complete Redskins homer. Somehow even with this new regime, Danny is still finding new and creative ways to drive the organization into the ground - I put this mess 100% on Snyder.
  4. Believe his total QBR was around 36 to Simbas 27 - so almost 10 points better, but they are both trash overall
  5. Hey at least im trying, unlike the Redskins
  6. This is why you need an actual GM - probably picked up the second most middling QB in the league behind "Simba" and gave dumbar away for a bag of cool ranch doritos - this team has added no players of starting caliber - tank for trevor initiated
  7. what an absolute dumbass - this organization just attracts turds, failures, and losers
  8. ggarriso

    2020 Roster Thread (Updated: 3/29/20 @ 1:10PM)

    Based on these pickups, and no solution being presented for our QB problem, so far I would say we are firmly attempting to tank for trevor!
  9. Only thing about that is Flacco would SMOKE DH in a real competition. There is no NFL QB you can bring in that wouldnt be "threatening" to "Simba" and his sensitivities, now word on the street is the Redskins cant land a quality WR because they do not want their careers to die at the hands of Danny and his sons HS buddy Simba.. What a situation
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    Trades you would like to see?

    why allen?
  11. the jumpman lives lol - dont think any QB coach can fix those mechanics, dude is a lost cause! TUA
  12. Thats simply inaccurate; no guarantees in the draft. I doubt he busts out but I think he goes anywhere from serviceable on the low end to game changer on the high end
  13. I am pretty much in agreement with @MartinC above.. I dont think this is some advanced mind warfare, I think the talent evaluators are doing their diligence on all available options (and who wouldnt on a potential top 5 QB) and the question was along the lines of "If we bring you in you'll be in a competition w/ our current QB(s) - that cool?". My completely uneducated guess is that its still 80% CY (especially in light of his comment about meeting "Danny" (ugh ).
  14. Hes not wrong - but that audio background loop almost made me jump out a window
  15. Be careful with your assumptions and virtue signaling
  16. you HAVE to be kidding $100 but Daddy will let you take a "Selfie" infront of the Haskins & Haskins Simba backdrop ;)
  17. ggarriso

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    What a complete and utter asshole - GTFO of here "Trent"; he literally slandered peoples names last year when in reality all he wanted was more MONEY. The team stood buy him when he was suspended for doing drugs and this is how he has repaid them. This was about MONEY from day one and anything else he put forward was a smoke screen for his greed. Seriously - get out of DC Trent
  18. I dont understand wth they are talking about here? What is the commentary?
  19. This villianization of Gruden is unfair and preposterous. The only facts known are that --he was overruled by ownership and the organization made the pick against his wishes (almost undoubtedly) --his job was on the line and he needed to win --he felt that colt and/or case gave him a better shot at winning - at the time What there is zero evidence of: --Gruden had some type of weird "personal" grudge against DH (even in light of DH's multiple public "gaffes") (aka Gruden did not like him personally) --Gruden "wanted" DH to fail or to "ruin" him --Gruden is bad with QBs and his "system" caused DH to fail --Gruden is back channeling with media now to try to make DH look bad (this one is beyond idiotic, DH dug his own hole with his attitude and performance) Now my personal opinion is that Gruden was not the right guy for the job, as reflected by the results, but I do not buy into this evil Gruden is the cause of all DH issues narrative
  20. I am NOT a DH guy, but seeing the injury history laid out like my weekly grocery list would give me pause too
  21. Stadium-Armory summed it up well - my assertion is not based on my personal prediction about the future for DH (well documented in this thread) but rather just saying, DH is on the team, the pick is gone, its a sunk cost. This pick should not be about reflecting on resources already spent but rather about what makes this team most competitive moving forward. If the coaches and talent evaluators believe that Tua (or anyone else for that matter) is a top 5 QB for the next 10 years on the level of a Brees or Rodgers, they absolutely have to take him if they do not feel they have one on the roster - the position is that critical.
  22. For better or worse, Haskins is a sunk cost - the biggest mistake any organization can make is to double down on a gaff or stubbornly stick by a bad decision. QB is hands down a more impactful position than EDGE in todays NFL, and IF the coaching staff (for whatever reason) does not believe that DH has the stuff to take this team to the next level and if the staff does believe that Tua has it, they have to pass on Young and go to Tua.
  23. I dont think he has it, I think the commentary was more that he was so unprepared and had such piss poor grasp of basic concepts that it was almost "like" he had it
  24. lol wait - the bar is so low there are reposts of the guy doing PUSH UPS?? I just got down and gave 10; suit me up coach. TUA!!!
  25. Another classic Haskins quote - that actually came out of his own mouth - something along the lines of "I like football but not THAT much, I prefer to watch netflix when im not in the building". If Tua is there, you take Tua - but anyone expecting to get a 2nd round pick out of a guy that has known attitude and work ethic issues and put up a pathetic 27 QBR last year is out of their minds - you keep him on his rookie contract as a cheap backup/insurance policy for Tua. Right now my guess we would be looking at a 4th or so to unload him.